Weight Loss During Pregnancy

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I had a hard cold reality check during this pregnancy: Being pregnant is not a license to eat all you want because you are now "eating for two".

In reality, a pregnant woman only needs about 100-300 extra calories a day to give the growing baby all the nutrients it needs.

We don't need to double up on portions or eat ice cream all day in the name of our child's growth!

In fact, if pregnant women were to double up on anything it would be healthy whole foods- good protein sources, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of water.

How much weight gain is too much?

It all depends on the woman's pre-pregnancy weight.

If a woman is underweight pre-pregnancy, she may be given a range of 28-40 pounds to gain.

Normal weight? 25-35 pounds

Overweight? 15-20 pounds

Obese? 11-20 pounds

If you're carrying twins, these ranges are a bit higher.

Where does all this weight go?

From the article linked above from Web MD:

8 pounds
2-3 pounds
Amniotic fluid
2-3 pounds
Breast tissue
2-3 pounds
Blood supply
4 pounds
Fat stores for delivery and breastfeeding
5-9 pounds
Uterus increase
2-5 pounds
25 to 35 pounds

Is it ever safe to lose weight while pregnant?

During my pregnancy I've read a lot of articles and books about nutrition during pregnancy.

Seems like everyone agrees that pregnancy is no time to go on a diet to lose weight or restrict calories.

However (make that a huge HOWEVER), what about women like me who have been put on special diets?

Restrictive? Not entirely- just my carb intake.

But still- cutting back on my carbohydrates has me increasing my fat and protein just to keep my calorie intake up so that baby can grow!

How having Gestational Diabetes affected my pregnancy weight gain-

According to my doctor's scale, I was 212 at the beginning of my pregnancy.

At 28 weeks, I weighed 231.

That is a gain of 19 pounds.

Because I was considered overweight pre-pregnancy, my weight gain was pushing the limits!

After starting the gestational diet, I've lost weight. 

At 37 weeks I weighed in at 220 lbs.

I lost over 10lbs in almost 10 weeks! Now that's great, if I wasn't pregnant.

So of course the big concern was- Is baby growing properly?

The week before my weigh in (so 36 weeks) I had an U/S with a GD specialist to make sure baby wasn't growing too large.

(Remember? One of the risks with GD is that the baby will grow too big too fast because of the extra glucose.  The biggest sign they look for is a large tummy, which is out of proportion with the rest of baby's body).

Well at 36 weeks baby weighed in at 5 lbs 15oz (round that up to 6lbs)! That translates to the 60th percentile.  Out of all the babies that are 36 weeks, my baby weighs more than 60%.

Now, that doesn't cause any real concern because 50% is just an average.  So of course some babies will weigh more or less than 50%.

And baby's tummy size? Right on the average mark!

Baby is growing right on track.

My OB/GYN (different from the doc that did the U/S at 36 weeks) hasn't expressed any concern over my weight loss.

He knows I'm following the GD diet and has even told me that losing weight was a good thing since I gained so much in the beginning.

But my GD doctor has expressed concern.

Every week I scan in my glucose results and my food log of everything I ate (how much, when, and how it was prepared).

One week they asked how my weight was progressing.  When they found out I went from 212-231-220, they were concerned I wasn't eating enough.

Their solution?

I was told to eat more fruit with my snacks.  Add more fatty nuts to my snacks.  Bulk up on protein.

Basically eat more but do not go over my carbohydrate limit for my meals.

Now this was really frustrating for me!

WHY? I've been following their meal plan and have on my own increased my protein intake.  I eat peanut butter EVERY.DAY.   It's hard to change your eating habits so quickly and then have to change everything up again.

I have one doc that isn't concerned about weight loss and one that is worried I don't eat enough. I expressed my frustrations to one of the nurses at the specialty clinic and she basically apologized for the mis-communication and gave me some well deserved praise and encouragement (I'm like a puppy- all about positive reinforcement!).

She said I was doing great with keeping my numbers in check and that she understands how difficult it is to change eating habits so rapidly.

That made me feel a lot better.

Plus, she probably deals with crazy hormonal women all the time and knows just the right things to say =)

The good news about all of this?

My eating habits are lot better now and I'll probably be able to keep this up after baby arrives.

Also, since I haven't gained that much weight during pregnancy, it will be easier for me to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

I only have about 2-3 weeks left of testing my blood sugar 4 times a day, keeping a food journal, and keeping in touch with multiple doctors.

I'm ready for Baby's arrival!

Holiday Blog Challenge Day 9

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

A while back I posted about my fitness goals for 2012, after baby arrives and I get the green light from my doctor. You can read the original post here, but I'll summarize it for you, too.

1- Run a 5K under 30 minutes.  This is a 2011 goal that needs to be revisited. 
2-Sign up for a longer race.  I would like to run anything longer than a 5K (looking at some fun half-marathons right now!), but with no expectations.  No finishing times, no split goals, nada.  I just want to run and participate.  

A new goal for 2012? Clean up my eating habits!

Since being diagnosed with GD, I've had to watch my carbohydrate intake and follow a meal plan. Confession? I've been following the meal plan but not by being as healthy as I should be.

Example? I'm allowed 3 servings of carbs for lunch/dinner.  1 serving = 15 grams of carbohydrates.  You know what has 3 servings of carbohydrates (45g)? 1 Beef Supreme Chalupa and 1 Beef Taco from Taco Bell.  YUP.  Even with GD I have found a way to eat junk.

Even worse? I've been losing weight since being on the GD diet. Now, it's not bad to lose weight during pregnancy- as long as baby is growing.  What's bad about losing weight is that I can still eat crap "within my limits" and lose weight.  It's a false security.

So for 2012 I want to limit the amount of junk food I eat.  I should start building my collection of healthy recipes now, right? The only issue is that recipes sometimes intimidate me- they either take too long or get too messy.  Ugh, just something I need to get over and really look into simple, quick, realistic recipes.

I've asked this before but- What are your goals/resolutions for 2012?


Holiday Blog Challenge Day 8


Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Let's get to the goods!!

For Christmas I would really really love to get some new work out gear.  My current work out ensembles consist of old, cotton, 2 sizes too big t-shirts collected as souvenirs and a couple of basketball shorts I've had since high school.

Yes, you read that right.  High. School.

I have one pair of "yoga" pants that I wear often.  They are capri style and I got them from Target.  However, they are cotton and seem to soak in the sweat instead of making it disappear.

My shoes? I've had for over a year.  They are from Asics, but I have no idea what the make/model are on those babies.  Also, I use them for everything- cross training (elliptical, stationery bike, etc...), running, walking, and sometimes wear them to work to keep my footsies warm (yes, we get cold in Hawaii!).

I found these two tops from YMX by YellowMan.  The shoes? Asics (hey, I like to stick with what works for me!).  I love these tops because they both feature a Polynesian print.  And they're pink! My favorite color =)


The shoe (sorry so blurry) from Asics is meant for low mileage- beginner runners (that's me!). When I get new shoes, I promise to myself to only use them for running and to log my miles.  One of the easy ways to prevent injury, right?

I would also love a membership to my favorite Bikram Yoga studio.  I used to volunteer at the front desk a few years ago and received FREE classes in return.  It was great!!

Once baby arrives I would love to get back into yoga.  I always felt like dying in the middle of the practice but felt like a rockstar while walking back to my car, dripping in sweat and gulping down my VitaCoco!  I imagine I could one day do this:


And of course after all that running with my new wardrobe & shoes, and after intense yoga sessions, I'm going to need to freshen up!

I would love a new bottle of my fave perfume: Chance by Chanel


And anything from Sephora:


What's on your Christmas wish list?


Holiday Blog Challenge Day 7


Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Well, it's no secret that I celebrate Christmas.

And just as an FYI- A Complete Waste of Makeup, this blog topic includes Kwanzaa as a choice.  Just had to mention that Kwanzaa is NOT a holiday that takes the place of Christmas! You're probably wondering how the heck do I know, since I'm obviously not African-American.  Long story short- in college I was part of a multicultural organization that included clubs like the Jewish Student Union, Black Student Union (BSU), Filipino Ugnayan Student Organization (FUSO), Association of Chicana Activists (ACHA), and others... BSU would hold Kwanzaa celebrations on campus and invite everyone to join, so YES, I've participated in Kwanzaa before with the BSU.  It is to celebrate their heritage and just so happens to fall near Christmas. Like how Veterans Day is in November?  No one celebrates Veterans Day instead of Thanksgiving! Kwanzaa isn't celebrated instead of Christmas. *steps off soap box*

Moving on...

I celebrate Christmas. 

I like to decorate as early as possible.  I'd even start in October if I wasn't afraid of being burned at the stake for celebrating Christmas WAY before Thanksgiving.  So I compromise and start publicly sharing my love for Christmas in November. Yes, I'm one of those people!

I celebrate Christmas all season long (yes, Christmas is a season for me, not just a day!).  

We put up a Christmas tree and decorate it.

We like to drive around the island and look at the city decorations.

Most years we're spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family friends.

But this year? We may be celebrating Christmas with the arrival of Baby L!

We don't have very many traditions set in place, yet.  

But we are excited to start creating our own traditions with our little family very soon!



Treadmill Dancing Queen

Cure for my Monday Blues!

Watch the first one, w/o the sound over.... YOU GO GIRL! I think it's great she's enjoying the treadmill this much! This lady has mucho coordination! I would have been flat on my butt in 2 seconds flat!

And then watch this:


Seriously- I love her moves!! She is awesome!

Holiday Blog challenge Day 6


Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Well, the first thing that came to mind was yet another pumpkin recipe.  

But I figured I'd spare you all and try something new.

So I scoured boards on Pinterest (You can follow me here!) to see what desserts I would like to try out (maybe someone can bake them and bring them over for me? Thanks!)

First up? Marshmallow Snowflakes.  I would love to learn how to make my own marshmallows! I heard it's super easy but haven't done much research into it...

And of course Pumpkin Cupcakes! I actually had a recipe for this from a magazine... somewhere around here... I made it and it was delish!!

I also love anything chocolate and mint so these White Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes are also on my "Need to Try" list.

Followed by Fruit Pizza! I remember one year at my grandmother's house in California (I must have been 7 or 8 years old), my aunt was visiting and made this delicious Fruit Pizza with flattened out cookie dough, cream cheese, and fresh fruits.  It was sooooo good!

More desserts!

Also on my treat list? Well, if I wasn't pregnant anyway... Pumpkin Eggnog Martinis and Dark Chocolate Whiskey Cupcakes!


What are your favorite Christmas Desserts/Treats? 

Don't forget to link up your post =)


I Grow Humans. What's Your Superpower?

Earlier this week, as most people are aware, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show aired on TV.

From my friends on Facebook and Twitter, I read a lot of mixed feedback.

Many women gave credit where credit is due-

"Wow, these women look great!"

"Look at those abs"


and so forth and so forth...

And as many positive comments there were, there were just as many negative ones-

"Where did they find these little girls?"

"Ugh, excuse me while I throw up now"

"Great.  Now I really feel insecure"

I viewed the show as a mostly inspriational.  These women were beautiful! Any insecurities I felt, were not due to them being fabulous, but were due to me, not loving me.

And most of these women are either blessed with great genes and naturally stay thin (yes, ladies, such women do exist!) or have to work really really hard. Like Adriana Lima.  I posted an article on Facebook where she talks about what she goes through to prepare for the show. You can read the full article HERE.

Neither type deserve to be bashed for being "too skinny" or not looking like "real women", whatever that means.

I'm all about loving every body type.  Would I love to look like a VS model one day? SURE! But I know my body type and it's not likely that I'm going to grow about 5 inches in height and lose 100lbs.  My body just isn't built that way.

But that doesn't mean I can't be inspired to lose weight and be healthy! I've already been building myself up mentally for my new workout routine once I get the green light from my doctor.  I want to get back into running and work on my strength training. 

What's the point of all my rambling?  Well I've read quite a few blogs that have touched upon this topic.  And it really dug up a gem for me- We should be loving our bodies now, loving ourselves now.  Not when we lose those last 10lbs, not when we are in a healthy BMI.

If we can't love ourselves the way we look and feel now, who else will?

I'm not saying be complacent with an unhealthy lifestyle.  I would never advocate that.  I'm saying love yourself enough, whether you want to gain or lose weight, to get yourself healthy.  Use self love as motivation!

My girl Ali at Running W/ Spatulas has got the right idea- whenever something negative comes to mind about your body, flip it into a positive! Instead of getting down on your hips, remind yourself your hips give you sexy curves! Or instead of focusing on flabby arms (not that you have them!), tell yourself that your arms are STRONG.

What part of my body do I get down on?

Pre-pregnancy, it was my belly.  I hated the way my belly stuck out.  I always felt I looked pregnant, even though I wasn't (and didn't even comprehend what a REAL pregnant belly looked like!).  It was flabby and weak.  I had strong legs, loved my butt (yup, I said it!) and even though I gave up my strength training regime after college graduation, I could still see the contouring in my arms.  The only thing I was insecure about was DA BELLY!

Now that I'm pregnant and my belly has gotten bigger than ever, I've grown to appreciate my body more.  Granted, I would not want to look 8 months pregnant after I give birth, but I can stare at my bare belly and not hate it.  In fact, I kinda like it now. 

Inside my belly I'm growing a human.  Not an ulcer or a kidney stone, but something with a soul and a purpose.  This human being inside my belly is meant to accomplish great things and has a purpose for someone, some thing, in this world. 

Because of pregnancy, I've found a new appreciation- and dare I say love- for my belly.

Here is what I look like now @ 37 weeks, stretch marks and all.  I thought I'd hate the stretchmarks but they really don't bother me.  Honest confession- I've had stretch marks on my hips and thighs since puberty.  So they're nothing new.  But now I have them in the middle of my belly, up above my belly button.  And they'll be there for LIFE. 


But that's OK. 

Because while I may not look like this:


I'm pretty awesome.  I grow humans.


Holiday Blog Challenge Day 5


Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Another reason to love the holiday season? Dressing up!

Out here in the islands we are WAY more casual when it comes to special occasions and dressing up.  

Granted most of the ladies here love to wear their pretty dresses, sparkly jewelry, and glammed up makeup when they are out on the town but when catch them at a family gathering?  Everything is toned down... WAY down.

It's pretty much a guarantee that if someone showed up in sequins at one of our family gatherings the response would be 1) "Oh where are you off too? You're not staying with us?" or 2) "Why you gotta show off and be all fancy for?"

It's one of the things I miss about living in the "mainland".  I could get dressed up to my hearts desire without running into someone who would ask, "Why you all fancy, huh?".

You can bet money on the fact that if I show up to a family party for NYE, I would be in jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket (just in case it drops to the low 70s.  I know. Be jealous).  I would also put on make-up because I know lots of pics will be taken that night. 

And probably wear pretty earrings. 

But that's about it.

The night would be spent chasing after my nieces/nephews/cousins, pouring drinks for the everyone, stuffing my face, and not worrying about ruining my outfit.  

But ideally?????

I would love to go to a "fancy" cocktail party hosted by friends and get all dressed up.  In fact, if/when we ever move back to Maui I would love to host a cocktail party for my friends- with the request for "cocktail attire", of course! I think dressing up is fun and everyone looks so good!

So if I had somewhere to go this year, I would probably rock one of these dresses:


As you can tell, I love sparkles!!

And for accessories? These really caught my eye:


But for a night spent with the family?  I think I'd take the jeans and t-shirt combo- it's all about comfort sometimes!

What's your ideal Christmas/NYE outfit?

If you're participating in the challenge (it's not too late to jump on in), don't forget to link up =)


Holiday Blog Challenge Day 4


Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Well, it is no secret from this post that one of my favorite all time movies is ELF.  I can watch this movie everyday! When I watch it, I turn into that annoying kid that says all the lines before the characters.  You've been warned!


Another favorite of mine is Eloise at Christmas Time.  I've only seen it a few times- and most of that was just in bits and pieces.  But the antics of this little girl are borderline annoying and hilarious! I think part of the reason I can tolerate this little 6 year old running around The Plaza Hotel during Christmas is that her charm reminds me of my grandmother, Eloise.  My grandma is the youngest of 13 children.  From the stories told by her older sisters, she was SPOILED! When her older sister Marian was alive, she would tell me silly stories of my grandma and the trouble she would get into.  Plus, I think it's hilarious to hear the characters yell, "ELOISE!!" when she stirs up trouble because I can't imagine someone yelling like that at my grandmother! 


And another favorite?  Love Actually.

Love Actually

I love all the characters in this movie.  It just warms my heart and makes me feel all giddy inside.  It totally pulls on all my heart strings and gets my emotions all worked up.  Exactly what I love in a movie!

Can you believe that there is one classic I've never seen? Yes, Christmas' #1 fan has missed out on a classic.

It's a Wonderful Life

Wonderful Life

Well, this season has just started! It's not too late for me to pick it up somewhere.  I'm determined to watch this movie this year.

What's your favorite Christmas movie/TV special?

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