Holiday Blog Challenge Day 7


Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Well, it's no secret that I celebrate Christmas.

And just as an FYI- A Complete Waste of Makeup, this blog topic includes Kwanzaa as a choice.  Just had to mention that Kwanzaa is NOT a holiday that takes the place of Christmas! You're probably wondering how the heck do I know, since I'm obviously not African-American.  Long story short- in college I was part of a multicultural organization that included clubs like the Jewish Student Union, Black Student Union (BSU), Filipino Ugnayan Student Organization (FUSO), Association of Chicana Activists (ACHA), and others... BSU would hold Kwanzaa celebrations on campus and invite everyone to join, so YES, I've participated in Kwanzaa before with the BSU.  It is to celebrate their heritage and just so happens to fall near Christmas. Like how Veterans Day is in November?  No one celebrates Veterans Day instead of Thanksgiving! Kwanzaa isn't celebrated instead of Christmas. *steps off soap box*

Moving on...

I celebrate Christmas. 

I like to decorate as early as possible.  I'd even start in October if I wasn't afraid of being burned at the stake for celebrating Christmas WAY before Thanksgiving.  So I compromise and start publicly sharing my love for Christmas in November. Yes, I'm one of those people!

I celebrate Christmas all season long (yes, Christmas is a season for me, not just a day!).  

We put up a Christmas tree and decorate it.

We like to drive around the island and look at the city decorations.

Most years we're spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family friends.

But this year? We may be celebrating Christmas with the arrival of Baby L!

We don't have very many traditions set in place, yet.  

But we are excited to start creating our own traditions with our little family very soon!


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  1. Well I learned something new today! Thanks :) I am with you on wanting to get the season started in October!


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