Top 10 Tuesday

1. I have a serious sugar addiction.

I first noticed my addiction awhile back but never realized how intense it could get.

Recently I noticed that I crave sugar.  No big deal right? 

No, it'a a very big deal.

Right after dinner, I NEED something sweet and the thought of fruit just doesn't cut it.  

At work I actively seek it out.  

No bueno.

2. I've been slacking on my exercise.

Might be related to my sugar addiction.  

But also? Work has been really rough lately.  I haven't had time to break away and go for a walk.

Honestly- Who am I kidding? I'd be more likely to go for a walk if I prepped my bag the night before and remembered to bring it with me! 

3. We need to start packing soon- as in yesterday!

We're moving next week! YAY! Same complex, different building.  

A new 2 bedroom apartment awaits us. 

I am so excited!

4. I can't wait to have my room back.

Now that we'll be living in a 2 bedroom, Phillip will have his own room.  

YAY for me!  

Right now when he goes to bed we don't really go into our bedroom until we go to sleep.  If we open the door he wakes up- almost as if he's waiting for us.  So we have to sneak in like ninjas.

5. Looking forward to the steps we're taking to get out of debt.

We have such big plans for our life but have come to the harsh realization that we need to get some things in order first.  

We are paying down our credit card debt and have even talked about cutting back on our inter-island trips.

It'll be tough not being able to take inter-island trips since most of our family lives on a different island.  

But it's a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things.

And it's not forever.  Just for now.

6. Need to revamp my 5 year plan.

I need to come up with my next 5 year plan.  The last 5 year plan I made was when I was 20.

Top of the list? Married, 2 kids, saving to buy a house.

I'm married, one child, and nowhere ready to become a homeowner.

7. And also my 2012 goals.

I haven't been serious about my weight loss goals.  

I have a few goals in mind but I need to really get serious about them and get it together.

8. Holiday plans

We decided that once we have kids we aren't traveling for Christmas.  Other holidays throughout the year are flexible but Christmas is the one day where our kids will enjoy the day at our home.  

Friends and family are welcome to join us, but we won't be packing up the family and driving anywhere.  Not like we'd have a far ways to go, but we just prefer to stay home.

That being said, I'm looking forward to decorating our home for Phillip's first Christmas!

9. Life changes with a baby.

No explanation necessary.

10.Best Blessing ever!

See above. 


Down in a Rut (Follow Up)

Saw this on Pinterest and immediately thought, "YES! That's it!"

Guess I was just overwhelmed.  Soon to be bored again =)


Well, THAT Is a Weird Combo

I made a quick Target run today. As I unpacked my cart and loaded my purchases on to the belt I mentally checked off my list everything I needed to get.

"Wine. Ice cream. Bananas. Duster thingy. Nursing Pads. Wipes.  Anniversary Card (Note to self, MAKE the darn thing next time!)."

The essentials.

I guess the cashier took notice of my items and felt she needed to comment.

"Are you making a root beer float or something?"

Blank stare.

"Like, because, like, you have ice cream, and like wine, and like bananas and like."

OK, probably not that many "likes" but honestly, she used about 3 "likes" in one sentence.

"No, I've had a rough week at work and I'm teaching my son how to eat solids, hence the bananas".


As I left the parking lot I thought to myself, "Who in their right mind would waste two very amazing things by combining them? Ice cream AND wine? Together?! EWWWW!"

So of course I googled.

And found this:

Lime Sorbet Wine Float

Sounds yummy, right??
I'm not too sure.
But I will have to try this soon!
I also found that people use dessert wine as a topping/syrup on their ice cream.  I'm not too sure about that because that sounds super sweet but I'm willing to try.
Got any other combos that sound weird but are really really good?  I also love salty/sweet combos: salted caramel, chocolate covered pretzels, M&Ms and popcorn...


Down in a Rut

Ever feel down in a rut?

Just out of your groove- nothing feels right?

I'm in one of those "blah" moments in life.

Not going into details but let's just say that the past month or so hasn't been my best.

Life in general is great. But I find myself stressing more than living.

Know what I mean?

I have a lot on my plate and things are starting to become unstable.

I haven't been performing to my standard at work.  Although I try my best, it feels like it's not good enough.

That's the word I'm looking for.


I'm feeling inadequate in many parts of my life lately.

Trying to remind myself that I can get through this.  It's just a funk.

Time to get centered, firmly plant my feet, and maybe re-evaluate where my life is headed.

Of course this decision affects not only me, but my husband and son as well.

But I feel like I need a change.  A change in what? I'm not so sure.

I do know one thing: this day to day living is getting too routine for me.  Is there such a thing?

Too much routine?

I usually thrive on routine.

But maybe all I'm craving is a little spontaneity.

I know one thing for sure- Thank you, Jesus, it's ALOHA FRIDAY!


And another one...


The very sweet lady at RAISING ROSCOE has awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award!!

Whoop whoop!

As you can see, the button is already posted proudly on my blog.  I won this award previously from my girl at Jenns Adventures.

And now I'm back for round two!

Here is my ORIGINAL POST when I was this award in October.  

My my my how things have changed!

So the deal with this award is that you share 7 random facts, link back to the person who nominated you (see above) and then list 15 other blogs you'd like to nominate.

Let's get a few things out of the way.  I don't have 15 new blogs to nominate.  I can recommend that you check out RAISING ROSCOE's list of fabulous bloggers =)

And 7 random things? I think I have a few I can add.  But how about I just update the original 7 I posted? 

1. I'm married to my high school sweetheart. We've been together for 10 years and have been married for one. Yup, still married! We're celebrating 2 years next week!

2.  I'm pregnant with our first baby, due in late December. Baby Phillip was born on 12/29/12. He's now 6 months!

3. I hate having people rub my belly (you've been warned!) uh, yeah.  Still don't like people rubbing my belly.  Especially since there is no baby there.  Awkward.

4. I love to travel but have noticed I have a champagne taste on a chocolate milk budget... but I can dream! Still love to travel. I haven't left the state in almost two years so I'm itching to ditch this rock! I love living in Paradise but I want to experience the rest of the world.  

5. This year I became a runner.  I'm not very fast and haven't been running for the past few months, but I'm still a runner and will be working on my fitness for 2012. Working on my fitness has now translated into squeezing in walks during my lunch break.  It's not the best workout, but it's better than what I was doing before! hint: nothing.

6.  I used to compete in pageants when I was little.  I have a love/hate relationship with the TLC show "Toddlers and Tiaras" because it's so ridiculous sometimes! My experience was pretty much the complete opposite of that but sometimes I watch that show and think I actually know some of these crazies mothers. Still love to watch that show.  I feel bad for the little girls though- but as long as their having fun, who am I to judge? I hope that their experience doesn't cause long term damage.  I look back on my pageant years with lots of joy and gratitude- and still keep in touch with a lot of my pageant friends, 20 years later!

7. I grew up as an only child but now have a baby brother and sister.  We are 20 and 23 years apart, respectively.  I love watching people's reactions when I tell them I have a brother in kindergarten and a sister in pre-school! Classic! My brother is now getting ready for 1st grade and my sister is starting her second year of pre-school.  Both love school and are great students!

Thanks, Marj for the nomination!!


Because it was just too funny...

I came across this as I was cleaning through some junk in our apartment.

Me, circa 1989.

You're welcome. 

Happy Saturday!

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