Aloha Friday Mashup Part I

Because I didn’t post yesterday, today is going to be an Aloha Friday mashup…

Mashup Version of 10 Confessions:

Workout update/my confession- I’ve realized that since I fell in love with running outside, I’ve only ran once this week.  Now at the gym, I can’t even look at the treadmill anymore.  It’s like when you break up with someone you thought was so wonderful, end up dating another person who is SO MUCH BETTER, and now can’t stand the sight of your ex because he just disgusts you.

Yeah, that’s how I feel, Treadmill, it’s not me, it’s you.

Anyway, I am making a more conscious effort to do other forms of exercise (slightly less dreadful elliptical, strength training, etc…)

Speaking of finding people/exercise equipment that is SO MUCH BETTER, and because I didn’t post yesterday for Thankful Thursdays, let me formally introduce you to this guy:

My hubby, Mr. L.

I am so thankful for him! I have found the person who understands me, knows my faults, my secrets, my fears, my hopes, joy, and inspiration- and loves me anyway, in spite of who I am.

We met in high school when we were 15, and our relationship slowly grew from there.  In college, we survived the long distance drama for about 3 years (with summer visits of course!), and when that got old (and I got a summer internship), he moved to San Diego to be with me.

Since then, he has moved with me back to Maui once I graduated, then to O’ahu when I got a job.  

Our skinnier days... don't know why it's so blurry! sorry...

He has the biggest heart and loves me better than anyone ever can.  After 10 years, I still swoon for him.

 He is also the reason why I didn’t blog yesterday… I got some extra unexpected quality time with him and didn’t want to divvy up my attention…

He has been working the graveyard shift for the past week and a half.  Since I work days and he works through the night, I only see him for maybe about 10 minutes in the morning as we are coming/going, and from Friday evenings-Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday, he got switched from the night shift to the day shift, which meant we got to spend the evening together! Of course our bonding time was spent watching American Idol and then later hitting the gym (yay us!).

PS. I lost about 3 pounds.  Don’t know when that happened, and it took longer than I thought.  But still, 3 pounds- GONE! Whoop whoop (happy dance right here!)

Got any Friday Confessions or Thankful Thursday on Friday inspirations to share?


  1. 3 pounds is fantastic!!! And I also have a love/hatenrelationship with my treadmill. Up until yesterday it had been 2 weeks since I used it. I love having it, but it gets really reallynold sometimes. I signed up for the 2011 cupcake marathon (I love virtual races) as a way to force me back onto it!!!

  2. Quality time with your hubby should always take priority! CONGRATS on the 3 pounds! Small numbers add up :) Oh, and I hate the treadmill too!


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