Holiday Blog Challenge Day 8


Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Let's get to the goods!!

For Christmas I would really really love to get some new work out gear.  My current work out ensembles consist of old, cotton, 2 sizes too big t-shirts collected as souvenirs and a couple of basketball shorts I've had since high school.

Yes, you read that right.  High. School.

I have one pair of "yoga" pants that I wear often.  They are capri style and I got them from Target.  However, they are cotton and seem to soak in the sweat instead of making it disappear.

My shoes? I've had for over a year.  They are from Asics, but I have no idea what the make/model are on those babies.  Also, I use them for everything- cross training (elliptical, stationery bike, etc...), running, walking, and sometimes wear them to work to keep my footsies warm (yes, we get cold in Hawaii!).

I found these two tops from YMX by YellowMan.  The shoes? Asics (hey, I like to stick with what works for me!).  I love these tops because they both feature a Polynesian print.  And they're pink! My favorite color =)


The shoe (sorry so blurry) from Asics is meant for low mileage- beginner runners (that's me!). When I get new shoes, I promise to myself to only use them for running and to log my miles.  One of the easy ways to prevent injury, right?

I would also love a membership to my favorite Bikram Yoga studio.  I used to volunteer at the front desk a few years ago and received FREE classes in return.  It was great!!

Once baby arrives I would love to get back into yoga.  I always felt like dying in the middle of the practice but felt like a rockstar while walking back to my car, dripping in sweat and gulping down my VitaCoco!  I imagine I could one day do this:


And of course after all that running with my new wardrobe & shoes, and after intense yoga sessions, I'm going to need to freshen up!

I would love a new bottle of my fave perfume: Chance by Chanel


And anything from Sephora:


What's on your Christmas wish list?


  1. Great list! I have the habit of using my running shoes for everything too

  2. I'm seriously obsessed with YMX and the Māori print!!!! Stay tuned for a giveaway in a week or soooooo;)

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  4. I love the list! I love asics!
    When I ran track & cross country in high school I owned a pair or two :)

  5. My work out clothes are the same thing! :( Hope you get some new ones!


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