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Aloha and thanks for stopping by my piece of Blogland!

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My name is Vanessa.

Friends call me Vanessa. Or Vaness. Or Nessa. Or Ness.

But NEVER Van.  Ever. 

Don’t do it.

I’m a wife and mommy living in the 50th State (Hawaii for those that may not know).  I grew up on Maui, attended college in San Diego, CA, and moved to Honolulu for a job.  Hopefully we'll find ourselves back on Maui someday.

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I love a good book and a big glass of wine (Cabernet is my favorite but any red will do). Oh, and coffee! Love me some coffee.  And chocolate.  And cheese.


I’m a highly sensitive and emotional creature and struggle every single day to keep that all in check (coming soon: the story of when I cussed out my neighbor with my son on my hip.)

 Also? Very very very insecure

I’m socially awkward and suffer from Open-Mouth-Insert-Foot Syndrome (OMIF).  I somehow manage to insult everyone at least once (like that one time I told a co-worker her outfit was so last year).

But that is never my intention!

Like I said, I’m just awkward.

I write about my attempts at fitness and weight loss, crafts and organization via Pinterest, food I enjoy (as well as wine!), my attempts to dress my body, and my life as a full time working mama. Just a little bit of everything, I guess.

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So pull up a chair and cup of coffee (or tea)/glass of wine and stay awhile.

E Kipa Mai Ia’u!
(visit with me!)


  1. Hey there, new reader here! I've been away from home (Oahu) for a long time so I get really excited when I find bloggers from Hawaii.

    Following you now and would love it if you'd follow me back too!

    Btw, I saw the pictures of your son and he's so handsome! Great job mama!

    ♥ Duckie.


    1. AH! I just saw this. Thank you for stopping by and sharing some love!

      I am your newest follower =)

  2. Aw your son has the same birthday as my brother! And brother also had his first baby last December!

  3. Great ideas and adventures, great blog. Thanks for joining us at Aloha affair party. Wishing you all the strength in realizing your goals.


  4. yay! that's awesome that you live in hawaii! my husband is hawaiian but grew up in the south! we hope to visit next year!

  5. Yeay! I'm excited to be following a blogger from Hawaii. Glad you found my blog!

    1. You're my first blogger from Tanzania- AWESOME!!

      Thanks for stopping by =)

  6. Such a handsome baby! Can't wait to read more. :)

  7. hi Vanessa! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself. I love finding new blogs & just followed yours. Can't wait to get to know you more and see cute pictures of your fam :)

  8. Hi Vanessa! LOVE IT! Love your don't call me Van, you're right it's so similar to mine. Don't they say, great minds think alike!
    Thanks for stopping over at my blog and saying G'day! Sticking around to read some more of you lovely blog.


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