Sparked my Pinterest!!

So after hearing about Pinterest from fellow bloggers theAlmostRunner, Dashing in Pearls, and Jenn's Adventures, I decided to check it out myself.

And let me tell ya, I am easily distracted.  So this website could be either the best or worst thing to ever happen to me.

Never heard of Pinterest?  Basically, it's a site where people gather images from all over the internet and "pin" them to boards... kinda like a web based inspiration board.

Members of Pinterest can browse images that others have pinned or install a widget on their web browser toolbar.  When they want to "pin" an image straight from a webpage, simply hit "pin it" and it will connect to your boards.

Here are some of the images I loved:

 Lavendar Lemonade
Hipster Cat
Homemade Nutella
Cute Kids
Grilled Cheese Croutons (yummmm)
Cinque Terra
Flower cupcakes w/ marshmallow petals

This site is my new addiction! 


Pregnancy and Fitness

As most of my readers know, I started this blog to track my journey to a healthier me.

I wanted to record my workouts, my weigh-ins, and also build a strong community of other bloggers with similar goals.

All of that was right on track... that is, until I found out I was pregnant!

All the health articles I read have the same conclusion: as long as you were active before, it's OK to remain as active during pregnancy (just get the OK from your doctor).

Confession: I have not ran a single mile after my 5K in May


I found out I was pregnant during my training.  At my doctor's appointment, I asked him if it was OK to continue running.  Not only did he say it was OK, but that he wanted me to continue running and complete my 5K as planned.

So what turned me away from running?

I had the WORSE RECOVERY EVER as documented in this post.

Because of my legs turning into bricks, I took about a week off from exercise.  Also around this time, I had to increase my visits to my chiropractor.  My rehab sessions were almost done but my X-Rays showed we had more work to do.  I had another 6 weeks of INTENSIVE (read 5 days a week) adjustments and stretching.  I'm proud to report that the curves in my spine have improved by 90%!

So because of the babying recovery of my legs, my chiropractic appointments, and being pregnant, I stopped working out all together.

Sound like excuses? Yeah they do.  Because they are.

I know that being overweight pre-pregnancy comes with a lot of risks.  I have to pay special attention to the amount of weight I gain, the amount of sugar intake, and overall wellness.

And as we all experienced (I hope it's not just me), just because I know something, doesn't mean I always do it.

But lately I've been getting more motivated.  Maybe it's the fear of Gestational Diabetes, or Preeclampsia, or other pregnancy complications.  Or it could also be that I want to get a head start on being a healthy role model for my child.  I didn't have the greatest examples of healthy living growing up and I hope to provide something better.

Honestly? It's all the above.

The other week I went to a Pregnancy Yoga class. It was good to move around and stretch, but I don't think I'll be going back.  For one thing, it's expensive.  So I might just buy a DVD and do it at home.  Also, for the amount of $ I paid, I didn't get a lot of instruction.

Now I know that some yoga instructors refuse to physically touch students (liability?) but this instructor didn't give back any feedback, which is what I look for in any fitness class.  The studio could have popped a DVD into a TV and had us practice on our own- it wouldn't have made a difference!

After seeing how good I felt after moving and stretching, I realized that I do need to get back into a routine.

I plan on getting back into a fitness routine (not weight loss!).  Perhaps taking a walk on most days of the week and working in some light strength training.

If you have kids, did you exercise while pregnant?


Apparently this is a running blog...

I realized that I haven't updated you all on my 5K results over 2 MONTHS AGO!


Here we go...

On May 7, 2011 I participated in the Jamba Juice Banana Man Chase.

Now, some of you may remember that my original goal for this year was to run a 5K under 30 minutes.  For a total non-runner on 12/31/10, this was a challenging task.  As I started to train and build up my foundation, I realized that I may not be able to reach that goal during my first race of the year.

So I set a new goal- to complete 3.1 miles non-stop.  Whatever it takes, do not stop.

Let's see how this played out...

It was a breezy, cloudy, slightly rainy early morning here in Honolulu.  My husband was my photographer for the day.  We met up with my friend and her BF.  They run faster than I do but agreed to humor me in this "fun" 5K.  In my mind, they run 5Ks in their sleep! My friend will never admit to it, but she's a great runner!

And also? I was 7 weeks pregnant at the time, and did not tell a soul yet! I figured that since I was training for this for a few months, it was OK to run this race.  My doctor even told me he wanted me to go on and run my 5K. So there I was.

We got there early because parking is such a nightmare.  We got our numbers and timing chips and just people watched for a bit before it was time to line up.

The event was a 5K (all ages) and a Keiki (child) Fun Run about 45 minutes after the start of the 5K. The Keiki Fun Run was a shorter course, and I considered "borrowing" a child so that I could just participate in that.  Apparently adults are not allowed on the keiki course.  Bummer.

So we got our gear, stretched a little bit, spotted the hard-core racers, and then it was time to line up.

At the front of the line there are Jamba Juice employees dressed as bananas, and the point is to "catch" them.  The winners of the race get a FREE year of Jamba Juice! I forget all the details but it was more like 2 small smoothies a month. Hardly a year's worth.  Anyway...

Soon after lining up, we were off!!

I did the exact thing the running mags and blogs warn you about- I forgot my training and my pace.  With my adrenaline pumping, I was trying to keep up with the people around me. I did for a little while.  But then when I got tired, and should have slowed down, I kept going because I didn't want to be the first one to stop in the group around me.  So I pushed myself. Hard.

I pushed myself so hard, I was running soooooo fast, that my DH coudn't even snap a picture of me! I was like the Flash!


Not really. But pretty close!

The course is actually at Ala Moana Beach Park.  It loops around one of the parking lot areas and then circles back around the park.

This is the park that I usually run at, these pictures may look familiar.  This is also the park where I got stung by that evil bee.

And back to the race.  I eventually slowed down my pace and walked a bit.  Once in awhile a really young child or really old gramma would pass me by and I'd pick it up.  Great motivation.

I continued a run/walk/run/walk pattern. Not focused at all, just listening to my body.  And of course took a few more pics (thanks hubby!)

Toward the end of the race, I was really tired and worn out.  I was trying to remember why I signed up for this torture Fun Run in the first place.  As I turned a corner and saw the finish line, I remembered those late afternoons training in this park and how hard I worked to get this far.  I remember how I couldn't even run for a minute and here I was pushing myself beyond my limits.

Yes, I did smoke that little 4 year old.

And because everyone needs a horrible race picture, see below for your viewing pleasure.

Fun fact: the guy ahead of me stopped right under the balloons.  I, however, knowing that you should always keep running until out of the funnel, flew right past him and had a faster official time!

Another ugly pic for your enjoyment:

And while the clock read over 40 minutes when I passed the finish line, my OFFICIAL time was 38:51:2! That may not seem like a great time, but I'm proud of myself!

This means for next year, I need to shave off 9 minutes from my time to reach my goal.  My official pace for the race was a little over 12:30.  Whooo-hoooo!

The aftermath: Shortly after the race, my hips were super tight! For the next few days I had such a hard time lifting my legs- walking up and down stairs were horrible... I even had to use my arms to get my legs in the car! Lesson learned- stick to your training and your pace. It is so easy to get wound up with adrenaline and try to keep up with everyone else.

In canoe paddling, our coaches would scold us for looking around at other boats.  We were taught to just race and do our best, never mind what other boats were doing. When a crew member looks around, it throws of their timing and the momentum of the boat, and throws everyone else off too.  The crew might not be able to feel it, but you can definitely see it.

And like canoe paddling, I learned that for my next race, whenever that may be, I need to just run MY race.

What did you learn from running your first race?   Did you apply it to races after that?  Have you incorporated other sports training into your running?



My name is Vanessa and I am a Facebook addict.

How did I come to this conclusion you ask?

My friend from JENNS ADVENTURES told me via Facebook she would be updating me on her trip to VEGAS! So I assumed that this update would come through on Facebook…

And what happens when you assume? Well, I sat for about a week at my computer waiting for her pics to pop up on my newsfeed so I can relive her shenanigans.  Never. Happened.

So she asked me if I was following up on her adventures and I was literally like, “uh…duh…no? I didn’t see it on Facebook.” I felt like a jerk all wrapped up in my little Facebook world.  It is literally where I get most of my information and updates on friends, their lives, top news stories, weird news stories, who’s married, newly single, etc…

Time to get out of that bubble!

Is there such a thing as a Facebook rehab? I’m on it constantly and when away from a computer, I’m checking my phone for updates! Hmmmm come to think of it, I may have to take a Facebook fast for a week day or two.

But on the other hand, Facebook has some redeeming qualities.  I found out my husband’s friend recently got married in Samoa (the hubbs doesn’t have a profile so he gets his news through me). I hear about engagements and babies and great days and job offers and great quotes and awesome food reviews and and and…. wait, where was I?

Yes, redeeming qualities.  I like to stay connected to people.  I have only unfriended two people since I’ve had my profile (back in 2005 or 2006) and love building my network.  To be honest, there are a few people whom I’ve “hidden” their posts from my newsfeed, but I haven’t cut them off completely.  I usually hide posts from people who are extremely negative or hypocritical.  I don’t unfriend because about 99% of my Facebook friends I know in real life, and these people are not extremely negative or hypocritical at all.  But they use Facebook as an outlet for negativity and sometimes I just gotta say no thanks to that.

Any other Facebook addicts out there? Or are you addicted to other social media outlets, like Blogger or Twitter? Any coping mechanisms you’d like to share?


Happy 4th of July!!

Happy Independence Day from Waimea Bay, Hawaii. Have fun and be safe!!
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