A New Venture

My dear dear friends.

I'm excited and so very nervous.

But mostly excited.

The past few weeks I've been working on creating a new blog (yikes!).

Isle Style Living has always been a personal journey for me- running, pregnancy, parenting, and most recently my faith.

Lately I've been hearing God calling me for something more.  More what? I'm not sure.

But through a lot of prayer, I realized that I needed to do something more with my faith.  

In my last post, It's Not All About Me, I shared my recent revelation that, "no, it's not always about me."

I've realized that there comes a time in one's faith where one crosses the "Are you there, God?" side over to "Here I am, Lord!" side of faith.

In the "Are you there, God?" side, I was searching for ways for God to fill my spirit, to fill my heart.  I had a desire to grow deeper in my relationship with Him.

The only problem was, I didn't feel it. 

And then it hit me.  

Instead of searching for God, I needed to represent Him in the world.  I needed to venture out and show others what it means to live with His love, grace, and salvation.  It's time to proclaim, "Her I am, Lord!"

It's not about feeling a desire to have God in my life, it's about choosing to please Him.  

I'm pushed to live less for me and more for Him.

That's how Her Heart Proclaims was born.

It's a place where women (or believers in general) can be encouraged in their faith.  My vision is that we will start to live boldly for God and His Kingdom.

Sometimes being a Christian means less of getting our fill and more of pouring into others.

If you've found my faith inspired posts to be encouraging, uplifting, or inspiring, I hope that you follow me there.

I'm still keeping this blog, after all it is my baby =)

I'm not sure how often I'll be updating but I'll be sticking around.

Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and support over the past 2 years.  I'm so happy to be a part of this wonderful community.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to hear and follow God's plan for you life...or your blog?! So excited to follow you on your new journey!!

  2. So exciting!!! Heading over to check it out now :)

  3. How wonderful! I'm excited to go check your other blog out. :-)


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