Pregnancy and Fitness

As most of my readers know, I started this blog to track my journey to a healthier me.

I wanted to record my workouts, my weigh-ins, and also build a strong community of other bloggers with similar goals.

All of that was right on track... that is, until I found out I was pregnant!

All the health articles I read have the same conclusion: as long as you were active before, it's OK to remain as active during pregnancy (just get the OK from your doctor).

Confession: I have not ran a single mile after my 5K in May


I found out I was pregnant during my training.  At my doctor's appointment, I asked him if it was OK to continue running.  Not only did he say it was OK, but that he wanted me to continue running and complete my 5K as planned.

So what turned me away from running?

I had the WORSE RECOVERY EVER as documented in this post.

Because of my legs turning into bricks, I took about a week off from exercise.  Also around this time, I had to increase my visits to my chiropractor.  My rehab sessions were almost done but my X-Rays showed we had more work to do.  I had another 6 weeks of INTENSIVE (read 5 days a week) adjustments and stretching.  I'm proud to report that the curves in my spine have improved by 90%!

So because of the babying recovery of my legs, my chiropractic appointments, and being pregnant, I stopped working out all together.

Sound like excuses? Yeah they do.  Because they are.

I know that being overweight pre-pregnancy comes with a lot of risks.  I have to pay special attention to the amount of weight I gain, the amount of sugar intake, and overall wellness.

And as we all experienced (I hope it's not just me), just because I know something, doesn't mean I always do it.

But lately I've been getting more motivated.  Maybe it's the fear of Gestational Diabetes, or Preeclampsia, or other pregnancy complications.  Or it could also be that I want to get a head start on being a healthy role model for my child.  I didn't have the greatest examples of healthy living growing up and I hope to provide something better.

Honestly? It's all the above.

The other week I went to a Pregnancy Yoga class. It was good to move around and stretch, but I don't think I'll be going back.  For one thing, it's expensive.  So I might just buy a DVD and do it at home.  Also, for the amount of $ I paid, I didn't get a lot of instruction.

Now I know that some yoga instructors refuse to physically touch students (liability?) but this instructor didn't give back any feedback, which is what I look for in any fitness class.  The studio could have popped a DVD into a TV and had us practice on our own- it wouldn't have made a difference!

After seeing how good I felt after moving and stretching, I realized that I do need to get back into a routine.

I plan on getting back into a fitness routine (not weight loss!).  Perhaps taking a walk on most days of the week and working in some light strength training.

If you have kids, did you exercise while pregnant?


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