That One Time: God Blessed Me with a Driver

One of my biggest struggles as a Christian is driving.

Yes, I have great driving skills.

My struggle?

Every other single driver on the road.

Improper use of turn signals gets me heated.

Switching lanes in the middle of an intersection will get you a drawn out BEEEEEEEEEP from me.

Even better?  Cutting me off in the middle of an intersection as I wait for the car ahead of me to clear some room so, you know, I don't block the intersection but end up blocking it anyway because some idiot decided to cut me off.

My ears are steaming just thinking about it.
Eh, so it's not the other drivers on the road but more so me and how I choose to react.  Every single time I get frustrated and angry on the road I pray to God to give me patience, joy, peace, compassion, and whatever else I need to make it home without cussing someone out.

Self control? I'm working on it.

Recently God has blessed me with something I thought I'd only have once I made my first million (doing what, I don't know.  But that's just a frivolous detail).

About 2 weeks ago, God has blessed me with my very own driver.

Yes, you read that right ladies and gents.

My very own driver.

My driver picks me up every morning.  Greets me with a smile and leaves me to my own thoughts on our way into town.  My driver drops me off, wishes me a great day, and is there to pick me up once my work day ends.

It's perfect.

I don't have to worry about driving, or people cutting me off, or not using their turn signals properly.  My driver handles all of that.

Who is this blessed servant of God you may ask?

The driver of the #54 bus.

See, one (out of 2) cars broke down a couple weeks ago.

It blew a head gasket (I thought that was just a figure of speech!) and is going to cost about $1600-$2000 to fix.

And we just don't have that kind of money.

Our solution for now is to share one car (Thank you Jesus that we are blessed with not one but two cars.  Lord I don't know what I'd do if we were down to zero!).

We wake up at 5am.  Carl gets ready for work and I wake up Phillip and get him ready to go to the sitter's.

At 5:30am they leave and Carl drops off Phillip then heads to work.

I get ready, walk about 1/4 mile to the bus stop and catch my ride into town.  After work, I catch the bus home just in time to finish up Phillip's dinner and start his bath time.

It's not perfect, but we're making it work.

I don't mind riding the bus- I think it's relaxing to now have time in the morning to get ready by myself and have some quiet time alone.  Don't get me wrong, I miss having my son around my ankles while I try to get dressed and dropping him off at the sitter, but this quiet break may be just what I needed.

And guess what?

No more road rage =)

Also- since we don't have the $$ to fix it, we're thinking of just selling it.  Granted we won't get as much for it but we'll be saving on insurance, registration and other fees, and gas.

It may not be what I had in mind when I prayed to God for peace and patience.  Or for Him to help us with our financial burdens.  But it's exactly what we needed and we're making it work.

Just goes to show that our thoughts and ways differ from the Lord's and once we release them and give it all to Him, we're right where we need to be.

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  1. That passage in Isaiah is one of my favorites! What a great reminder about looking for God's perspective in all situations, NOT our own.

  2. I got cut off at least once a day. I was convinced that my car was invisible for a while!

  3. Nessa, thanks for your comment re photo sizes - if you had time to explain a bit more about the html way around it, I would post about it - or you could do a post and I could link to it! Cheers


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