My name is Vanessa and I am a Facebook addict.

How did I come to this conclusion you ask?

My friend from JENNS ADVENTURES told me via Facebook she would be updating me on her trip to VEGAS! So I assumed that this update would come through on Facebook…

And what happens when you assume? Well, I sat for about a week at my computer waiting for her pics to pop up on my newsfeed so I can relive her shenanigans.  Never. Happened.

So she asked me if I was following up on her adventures and I was literally like, “uh…duh…no? I didn’t see it on Facebook.” I felt like a jerk all wrapped up in my little Facebook world.  It is literally where I get most of my information and updates on friends, their lives, top news stories, weird news stories, who’s married, newly single, etc…

Time to get out of that bubble!

Is there such a thing as a Facebook rehab? I’m on it constantly and when away from a computer, I’m checking my phone for updates! Hmmmm come to think of it, I may have to take a Facebook fast for a week day or two.

But on the other hand, Facebook has some redeeming qualities.  I found out my husband’s friend recently got married in Samoa (the hubbs doesn’t have a profile so he gets his news through me). I hear about engagements and babies and great days and job offers and great quotes and awesome food reviews and and and…. wait, where was I?

Yes, redeeming qualities.  I like to stay connected to people.  I have only unfriended two people since I’ve had my profile (back in 2005 or 2006) and love building my network.  To be honest, there are a few people whom I’ve “hidden” their posts from my newsfeed, but I haven’t cut them off completely.  I usually hide posts from people who are extremely negative or hypocritical.  I don’t unfriend because about 99% of my Facebook friends I know in real life, and these people are not extremely negative or hypocritical at all.  But they use Facebook as an outlet for negativity and sometimes I just gotta say no thanks to that.

Any other Facebook addicts out there? Or are you addicted to other social media outlets, like Blogger or Twitter? Any coping mechanisms you’d like to share?


  1. BAHAHAHA!! I'm addicted to Facebook, Twitter, AND Blogger!! Love you girl!!

  2. GIRL I am BAD with facebook. My phone gives me updates non-stop, and I actually tried getting rid of it so I wouldn't constantly be going on it, but I couldn't figure it out!


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