Three Things Thursday

1. Thanks to everyone for entering my GIVEAWAY! It will stay open all weekend (ending Sunday at 6pm, HST- 9pm West Coast Time).  Before I hosted my own giveaway, I participated in quite a few other blog giveaways.  And they always ask us to tell our friends, but it never made sense to me.  I would think, “hello, if I tell all my friends, then my chances of winning get smaller!” but then I had this lightbulb, “ hello, if I tell all my friends, then they will share with me and my chances of winning get bigger!”  So be sure to tell your friends, so you can share the goodies. Or not. You could keep them for yourself.  There is no judgment here =)

2. I haven’t been running in 5 DAYS!! I went running on Saturday and hurt my foot so bad, I’m kinda scared to go running again.  What happened you ask? Well, after a great run at the park, I stretched for a bit and then hopped into my car to drive back home.

The hubbs was at a men’s rally hosted by our church so I had a small window to freshen up before I had to pick him up.  Well, during the drive home, I started to feel a slight pain in my right foot.   Almost like a cramping sensation.  By the time I got to our apartment complex and parked the car, my foot hurt so bad I literally hobbled to the elevator and to our front door.  I was in TREMENDOUS pain, and couldn’t put any weight on my right foot.  It felt like my foot had become this solid crystalized club.

So instead of jumping in the shower right away, I grabbed a bag of frozen green beans, put my foot up, and iced that sucker.  I also grabbed a can of corn and rolled my foot over it to help release the muscle.  It worked, but my foot was still in a little pain through Sunday…

On Monday I decided to lay off the running and get some cross training in.  I worked out on the elliptical for 45 minutes, no pain (well, in my right foot anyway).  Then when I was walking on Tuesday, I felt a little bit of the pain RETURN.  Ugh, I decided it’s best I try to stay off my feet for awhile.

I think I may roll my foot outward when I run because when I look at the bottom of my shoes, the outer sides of the soles are worn.  I did a little research on Runner’s World, but I don’t have high arches (or don’t think so). But after watching this video, I think I definitely am an underpronater. Any advice?

So today I plan on working out on the elliptical again (low impact on my foot) and add in some great strength training moves.  This weekend the hubbs will take me to a running store so I can get my gait analyzed.

3. I’m in a rut, meal wise.  I am definitely a creature of habit.  Example? Every day this week I had Greek yogurt for breakfast and a piece of fruit.

You all know how much I love my Chobani Greek yogurt, but I need some new breakfast ideas. And dinner ideas.  Something easy and fast would be great! And healthy too =)

Do you have any great meal ideas?  Family recipes that make your family worship you? Can ya help me out? I’d love to read through your fave meal ideas/recipes.  If you like, you can even post a link to your favorite recipe in the comments section.

I hope you all are having a fantastic Thursday!! One day closer to the weekend... I know I can't wait =)


  1. It definitely sounds like you need new shoes! The outside of my feet hurt after a run before I switched to my new pair. Once I got the Mizunos, Poof! Pain gone.

    My husband loves anything "buffalo" so we have done Buffalo Chicken Tacos, Buffalo Chicken Penne and buffalo chicken sandwiches. This BBQ Chicken Pasta recipe (http://www.melskitchencafe.com/2010/03/bbq-chicken-pasta.html) is also a favorite, and that site has a lot of good family-friendly recipes on it.

  2. I definitely pronate.... haha didn't watch the video so I'm not sure if it's under or over. I'm all kinds of messed up.

  3. The advertisement prior to the actual video was HILARIOUS!! Highlight of my morning FOR SURE! Also, you might be a kid in a candy store at the running store--just a heads up;)

    And, I'll get on the healthy recipes request STAT, always check my Food For Thought section of my blog, too:)

  4. Happy Thursday! What about barbecuing chicken and throwing it on a salad? That's one of my favorite easy dinners.

  5. I would definitely try to get some new shoes! When you get fit for shoes at a running store it makes such a huge difference. I'm an over-pronator all the way.
    I love making something like chicken stir-fry and serving it in lettuce leaves as wraps. Makes it so different and fun. Even putting what you normally would put in taco shells or tortillas in lettuce is good!

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  7. I like to make "Eggs in a Mug" for breakfast. Spray a large mug with Pam and add about 1/4-1/2 cup of whatever veggies you like (I like mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, onion, broccoli, peppers, etc). Cook the mug of veggies in the microwave for one minute. Put two large eggs or egg substitute into the mug. Stir until well mixed with the veggies. Nuke for another minute. Now add your meat and or cheese and nuke for another 45 seconds to one minute (depending on how you like your eggs). I leave a little extra cheese to add on top and mix. Yummy! I eat this with a cup of grapes or any other fruit. The main egg mug is from hungry girl. Today I added 2oz leftover ribeye and peppers. I topped it with cheese. Holy yum!

  8. I'm a new big fan of your blog. I came over to check out your give away the other day and came back after seeing your comment on HealthyStrides. I have made the healthstrides buffalo chicken tacos - SOOOO amazing!!!! Hope your foot gets better!!!


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