Day #6- Topic #24- Goals for the next 30 days

hmmmm.... This is another good one!

My biggest goal is to not gain any weight.  If I happen to lose weight? Fine, I'll take it!  But I'm trying hard to not focus so much on the scale.  If my weight fluctuates a bit, that's OK, just as long as I can bring it back down without a crazy diet and exercise regiment.

Another goal is to get rid of all the paper clutter in my house!! I stare at it everyday and oh man, it's just a huge pain!  I hate deciding what to keep, what to toss.  I also hate taking the time to shred.  No, I don't shred the papers by hand, I just hate shredding in general.  It's similar to my feelings about "doing laundry".  It's not like I have to actually wash the laundry by myself, I just put in the clothes, push a button to start the water, and add soap.  That's. It. I don't know why I make it into a big ordeal but I do.

I also have a couple "hobby" goals, if you will.  I'm trying to beef up my recipe collection.  I like to use recipes to get an idea of how to create a dish, but usually after two attempts of creating the recipe, I tend to veer off the path and try my own ideas.  I would like to spend the next 30 days finding healthy recipes (thanks to those who have left ideas in my comments!!) and building upon them.

I would also like to improve on my running.  I can run a mile now, but I would like to build my base and have a solid foundation, so that I can start training/focusing on pace.  But I'm not in a rush for this, because I know as long as I'm consistent, the change will come, however long it takes.

And I don't like to post without pics, so for your enjoyment, here is a pic from Halloween of my baby brother (pirate), niece (witch?), and nephew (power ranger)...


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