Chasing Bananas

Guess what I'm doing tomorrow?

Picking up my packet for my very first 5K race!!

The race isn't until Saturday, but packets are available starting tomorrow.

Whooo-hoooo! I am so excited, just to wear a number, get some goodies, a free Jamba Juice smoothie, and a t-shirt =)

My training hasn't gone exactly like I planned.  Part of the reason is due to my lack of commitment. 

Yeah, I said it.  I just wasn't as committed as I was when I planned a daily training schedule in Excel, complete with color-coding and everything.

I burned out and found myself in a rut after the first couple of months.  But I got back in the groove eventually.

When I look back at where I started in this running journey, I'm super proud of how far I've come.  From not being able to run a minute to being able to run a mile, I give myself a gold star of accomplishment.

I may not hit my goal of completing in under 30 minutes, but hey, I have the rest of 2011 to do that!

And I may not hit my goal of running 3.1 miles non stop, but they way I look at it, 2011 will already see more 5Ks than 2010. 

That, my friends, is an accomplishment for me.

The best thing about this race?  It will be held at the park that I run at all the time (or at least when I'm not in an exercise slump or when weather permits)! So I know the course and the area.

Because it's such a short race, I HIGHLY doubt that I'll need any type of nourishment during the race.  For sure I'll hydrate plenty the day before, eat something light before the 7am start, and be sure to hydrate after (free smoothie here I come!).

And of course, during the entire event, I'll keep a look out for these little suckers stingers:

My training plan this week? Well, I wanted to go for a few runs but the past two days we've had some pretty bad (read: pretty exciting) thunder and lightening storms.  I'm all for a good time but running in the rain and lightening just doesn't do it for me.

I am however hopping on the elliptical and working on building my muscles (strength training) until the sun starts shining again. 

Tomorrow and Friday will probably be a good day for a run. 

And now? I'm off to catch up on my 30 day challenge.  Happy Wednesday friends!!


  1. Good luck with your 5k! I would run for free Jamba Juice, yum!!

  2. I FREAKING LOVE JAMBA JUICE. GOOD luck! This is gonna be so much fun!


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