Housekeeping is a necessary evil...

Ever felt like you were trapped in a box?

I do.  Sometimes.

I put myself in a box.  I try something new and set up all these rules of how it’s going to work.

I’m going to blog every day, have cool themes for some days of the week, talk about running like I’m obsessed. 

But the hard part is, that’s just not how my brain works. It sometimes burns me out.  I always do that to myself, so you’d think I would have learned that by now.  I just can’t set “rules”/guidelines of how this thing is going to work.  I just have to write.

That’s why in school my favorite part of writing classes was the brainstorming.  I loved/love to jot down ideas, uninhibited. Just let the ideas flow and ignore the hows/whys/is-that-even-a-good-idea thoughts that come up.  When I put rules around my brainstorming (and my blog), I feel boxed in and limited.  I hate that feeling.

That being said, I felt like I needed a little housekeeping with my blog.

I’m throwing the themes to the wind.  I’m just gonna write what I wanna write.  I want to be more focused on my running and training for my first 5K, not get caught up in boxed limitations.

So if you miss seeing something that was featured before, or you’re wondering if my brain has a multiple personality disorder (it’s my brain, not me), then feel free to email me at islandstylerunning@gmail.com


  1. When I started my blog I did the "Fill in the Blank Friday" and things like that but it ended pretty quick. I like not being tied down to certain things on certain days!

    Let me know what you think of the Yoplait! I'm hoping Chobani is on sale when I go today... it's still my fave!

  2. YES. rules for blogging are silly and i'm glad you're just going to write!

  3. Throw the rules to the wind sister! Structure is for those with a less whimsical personality... I started my blog while still living in Alabama as a way to share the CRAZY things that happened BUT it's clearly turned into random posts of rants, raves, and an obsession with taking pictures of food!! I kept it broad with "Jenn's Adventures" which for lack of words is essentially saying it's never a dull moment with me (as you know)! ..Keep all your ideas in the back burner and bring them forward accordingly. On your terms. That's what we like anyway, right? A routine that's not routine? HA!!

  4. This is me too :) I just go with the flow, whatever is on my mind I write. Some times I am overflowing with ideas and other times notsomuch. If I got nothing I don't force it I just skip that day.


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