Down in a Rut

Ever feel down in a rut?

Just out of your groove- nothing feels right?

I'm in one of those "blah" moments in life.

Not going into details but let's just say that the past month or so hasn't been my best.

Life in general is great. But I find myself stressing more than living.

Know what I mean?

I have a lot on my plate and things are starting to become unstable.

I haven't been performing to my standard at work.  Although I try my best, it feels like it's not good enough.

That's the word I'm looking for.


I'm feeling inadequate in many parts of my life lately.

Trying to remind myself that I can get through this.  It's just a funk.

Time to get centered, firmly plant my feet, and maybe re-evaluate where my life is headed.

Of course this decision affects not only me, but my husband and son as well.

But I feel like I need a change.  A change in what? I'm not so sure.

I do know one thing: this day to day living is getting too routine for me.  Is there such a thing?

Too much routine?

I usually thrive on routine.

But maybe all I'm craving is a little spontaneity.

I know one thing for sure- Thank you, Jesus, it's ALOHA FRIDAY!


  1. Sounds like you need to GLO, my dear!! Or just take a day to say "screw it all" and just spend some quality time with your husband and baby. Get back to what is important :)

  2. Anonymous7/20/2012

    Too much routine? No. For me, routine is sacrosanct. Just try to get between me and my routine. I even hate going on vacation… I’m fine once I get there and settled in, but any upheaval makes me crazy. (You can imagine how this works out for house-renovation projects where everything is torn apart!!)

  3. Too much routine can equal being too complacent. I agree with Casey -- take a day to recharge your batteries and lavish the things you love most:)


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