Well, THAT Is a Weird Combo

I made a quick Target run today. As I unpacked my cart and loaded my purchases on to the belt I mentally checked off my list everything I needed to get.

"Wine. Ice cream. Bananas. Duster thingy. Nursing Pads. Wipes.  Anniversary Card (Note to self, MAKE the darn thing next time!)."

The essentials.

I guess the cashier took notice of my items and felt she needed to comment.

"Are you making a root beer float or something?"

Blank stare.

"Like, because, like, you have ice cream, and like wine, and like bananas and like."

OK, probably not that many "likes" but honestly, she used about 3 "likes" in one sentence.

"No, I've had a rough week at work and I'm teaching my son how to eat solids, hence the bananas".


As I left the parking lot I thought to myself, "Who in their right mind would waste two very amazing things by combining them? Ice cream AND wine? Together?! EWWWW!"

So of course I googled.

And found this:

Lime Sorbet Wine Float

Sounds yummy, right??
I'm not too sure.
But I will have to try this soon!
I also found that people use dessert wine as a topping/syrup on their ice cream.  I'm not too sure about that because that sounds super sweet but I'm willing to try.
Got any other combos that sound weird but are really really good?  I also love salty/sweet combos: salted caramel, chocolate covered pretzels, M&Ms and popcorn...


  1. Guilty of desert wine over more desert! haha!!

    I don't know about a wine float though...

    When I make banana ice cream, I'll let yah know;)

  2. why can't the checkers at stores just say "hi did you find everything ok?" and leave it at that?!


    haha...and thanks for the check list..i need to buy some more nursing pads to be stocked up! hahaha


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