Crazy Hawaii Weather

Oh Monday, how fast have you arrived!! I find myself waiting for Friday again... *sigh*

Well, my Monday was a little more tolerable than usual because after work I met up with a friend to go walking around Ala Moana Park.

We used to meet up once a month or so for dinner and decided to try something 1)cheaper and 2) healthier!

It was raining off and on all day today but I prayed and hoped and crossed all my fingers that it would be sunny after work.... I've been looking forward to this and was super excited to meet up with my friend!

After work, the sun was shining and we had a good breeze.  We started our walk and gabbed about the latest and greatest...

I didn't want to be the annoying friend who constantly takes pictures to share on her blog so I was happy with the one shot I got...( can you see Diamond Head in the background? GORGEOUS!)

...Until, about 10 minutes into our walk, it started POURING!!! My friend asked me, so what do you want to do? Without hesitation, I suggested dinner. Sushi to be exact.  She needed no convincing!

Oh well.  She was recovering from the 10K she ran yesterday, and I was recovering from my run with the hubby.  I didn't realize how sore my legs were!

So we finished our gab sesh at a sushi place... which was really the main reason why we get together LOL

I'm hoping I can get a run in tomorrow... or at least some cross training!

Stay strong (and dry) my friends!


  1. Hi - just started following your blog - it's great to read about someone living and running around Honolulu! I lived on Oahu for a while, and used to swim at Ala Moana :) Have a great run tomorrow!

  2. Hi Suze! I love meeting new people who have connections to Hawaii...

    Thanks so much for the encouragement!

  3. Your weeks should always be tolerable. You live in Hawaii :) hahaha

  4. True dat! I really have no reason to complain about anything =)


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