What's your favorite feeling in the world? 

For me, I love when pieces just fall together, like the universe is orchestrating some huge undertaking to make my life easier.

Like when I pull into a crowded parking lot knowing I'll be driving around for 30+ minutes looking for a spot and right then, someone pulls out of a spot right in front of me.

Or in college when my student loans and scholarships would be sent to the student accounts office and somehow I overpaid and received a refund check in the mail, just as I was coming up on my last $20 for the week.

Or at the grocery store when I'm at the cashier and watching the total go up and up and up and realize I miscalculated and it's going to cost more than the cash I have in my hand.  Then the cashier hits the total key and discounts I didn't even know about get applied, leaving me with enough cash to pay the bill and save for next week.

Or more recently?  When the Sunday paper arrived in front of my apartment door.  We spend $2 a week on the Sunday paper for the coupons.  But now?  The paper just appeared with a lovely letter explaining how our household was selected to receive the Sunday paper for FREE now until October.

Moments like these?  

I call them "Thank you, Jesus" moments.  

Maybe it's luck.  Or just a coincidence.

But I choose to look at them as "God"incidences.

I find comfort in knowing the Creator of the universe has His hand on my life.  


  1. "Thank You Jesus" moments -- LOVE THEM!!! He always makes me smile -- especially those really crazy obvious moments:)

  2. Love these moments! God really looks out for us each and every day.


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