What We're Eating

A few of my new favorite blogs have been sharing what their families will be eating for dinner for the week.

I truly appreciate the peek into their family life because it gives me a few ideas for what I can cook for dinner.

I cook dinner about 4-5 nights a week.  One night we made order in some food and other night(s) we might just scrape together some leftovers.  All depends on my mood and how crazy work was that day.  I'm also trying to encourage my husband to cook more often so that I can get some quality time with Phillip after work. 

I'm also looking for new recipes.  My requirements?  They can't use too many ingredients and they have to be easy peasy. I don't have 2 hours to "whip up" a meal.  I get about an hour, tops.

So what are we eating this week?

Monday: Loco Mocos (no, not "crazy boogers" for my Spanish speaking readers).  Hamburger patties with a fried egg, gravy, and rice.  It's one of the most popular meals here in Hawaii.  Not the healthiest by any means but we do what we can (nix the gravy, add veggies (mushrooms, onions, zucchini), use brown rice).

Tuesday: Pasta. Usually this is Baked Spaghetti but this week I bought cheese ravioli.  I make my own sauce by pureeing tomatoes and simmering with  basil and oregano.  I may throw in some chopped onions for flavor as a bonus.  And a spinach salad for veggies!

Wednesday: Fish Tacos. Easy easy easy.  We use fish sticks, corn tortillas, black beans, salsa, cabbage, and I make my own chipotle cream sauce using plain Greek yogurt and avocado... yummmm!

Thursday: Baked Chicken. I use lemon infused olive oil, garlic salt, black pepper, and rosemary.  Served with brown rice and veggies.

Friday: Grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. Fridays are my "off" days.  Most of the other meals during the week are prepared for 4 servings: 2 for dinner, and 2 for lunch the next day.  Sometimes we have more leftovers than planned and sometimes we don't have enough.  But Fridays? I don't worry about Saturday lunches b/c most times we'll be running errands and pick something up while we're out.


  1. OMG I love me some Loco Moco! I have not found a good place to get that here on Guam. It just doesn't taste the same as the real Local Loco Moco. Maybe I'll get some ingredients and whip that up this weekend!

    I'm not really one to "plan" meals because it depends on what I feel like eating at that moment. Lol. Sometimes its a big 2 hour meal, sometimes its saimin.

    ♥ Duckie.

  2. Mmm sounds good! Ive never had Loco Moco, but it reminds me of the korean dish bibimbap, which is my favourite. That is rice, meat, veggies and a fried egg all cooking together in a hot stone bowl. yum!!

    Thanks for coming to visit my blog!!


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