Finding Time

I've been having a hard time fitting exercise back into my life.

Mostly because I'm a creature of habit and had difficulty finding a new routine.

Recently I decided to walk during my lunch break. It took me awhile to actually get outside and move because I really enjoyed my lunch breaks with my co-workers.

Lunch time is usually a fun way for us to let off some steam but even that has become almost as mundane as the work day itself.

I packed my duffel bag with a change of clothes and my old running shoes.  The first day I brought the bag to work I didn't end up walking.  I chose to take the full hour lunch break.

And I regretted it.

The next day I changed my clothes about 10 minutes before most co-workers started their break  I laced up my shoes and hit the pavement for a walk.

Let me tell ya- it felt soooooo good!

It was a beautiful day! The sun was shining and it was hot but we had some really decent trade winds blowing in for the day.  The plan was to walk as far as I can for 15 minutes and then turn around.  That way I'd still have time to eat my lunch.

You know what? It worked out perfectly!

As soon as I got back to the office I heated up my lunch and sat down with my co-workers as they finished up their break.  I only needed about 10 minutes to eat and still was able to get in some socializing =)

After lunch was over, I changed my clothes and felt recharged- ready to finish my day!

I felt so proud of myself for getting it done.


  1. You need to get a friend of two to walk with you!! win-win!

  2. way to be productive with your time! once i get back to work, i hope i can find that kind of motivation to squeeze in some exercise during the day!

  3. That is SO AWESOME Vanessa!!! I'm stoked for you, and hope you inspire others as well, and form a lil crew -- UNLESS you want it as "Me Time" of course:)

  4. I agree! Super awesome! You go girl! Link up with me for Fitness Friday and share your inspiring post! You definitely inspired me to try it out!!


    ♥ Duckie.


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