Why I Love Blogging...

Yeah yeah... I know what you're thinking.

"If you just LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE blogging so much why don't you marry it post more often?"


Or like the Kardashians say, "BIBLE?"

I'm really lazy.  And I have a junk camera so I am kinda embarrassed about the quality of pics that show up on my blog.

But really- How hard is it to take a few pics via camera phone and email it to myself and then save on my computer and then upload to my blog?

Apparently really difficult since my computer is also a POS.

Anyways. Back to the Point.

I love blogging because of the great sense of community it creates.  I love finding new blogs and love it even MORE when it is someone I know!

Recently I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award from Jenns Adventures.

Part of the award acceptance requirements is to pass along the award to 15 new bloggers.  Well, she covered a lot of the blogs I recently started reading so I passed the award along to 1 new blog and 3 others that aren't necessarily new to me but that I love to read and may be new to you (HOLY RUN ON SENTENCE BATMAN!)

You can check them out HERE.

So because I have 11 spots left for my Versatile Blogger Award I'm going to pass it along to....


Courtesy of her blog: jayadores.wordpress.com

Jaymee is a former co-worker of mine when I used to work in public accounting.  She is a very bright, funny, creative, and sweet lady who moved to Hawaii from Southern California.  She works in tax by day and is a graphic designer by night.  Her claim to fame? Designing shirts and business cards for SKINNYRUNNER!

Be sure to check out Jaymee and let her know you found her on my blog (pleaseandthankyou).

Besides awards, another way to build a sense of community is...


I love giveaways because they bring exposure to your blog and also? You can win free stuff!

Check out this giveaway from GOURMET RUNNER:

Courtesy of her blog: gourmetrunner.blogspot.com

"Active Bands have offered to give TWO readers each a gift certificate for $25. Then, you can pick which ones you like best and have them shipped to you. Here's how to win:

+1 Become a follower of my blog, or let me know if you are already (Mandatory)
+1 Tell me which style Active Band you like most from their website
+1 Spread the word about this giveaway--blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Be sure to leave a comment for each entry to be counted!"

Easy as pie! And my favorite part is that there are TWO winners! Whoo hooo! Plus, her name is Vanessa which is only the most awesomsauce name in the universe!

So when you get a chance, go check out my girl Jaymee and then go enter the giveaway from Vanessa at Gourmet Runner!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Yeah! Definitely checking out Jaymee's blog now too...that Skinny Runner deal is a serious claim to fame!!

  2. LOVE THIS!!! And seriously -- the ONLY camera I have is my phone!! So keep bloggin' sistren:)

  3. girl. you are too sweet!! thank you thank you! miss you mucho!!


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