Getting Lucky

This weekend has been great so far! I've found a few great deals this weekend and super stoked to share them with you!

First- I found this dress on Friday night about 20 minutes before closing.  The hubby and I walked into Sears to check out TVs, camera's, furniture, you know... just browse around.

Of course we found ourselves in the baby section.  What else did I find? 3 glorious racks of maternity clothes! It is soooooo difficult to find maternity clothes.  I have one store that is close by but all the other options I've seen have been super ugly not quite my style. 

Imagine my delight when I started browsing the racks and came across dresses that were marked for $19.99!  I grabbed a few and made my way to the dressing room. 

We decided to go with this one:

It's a little bit fancy for anywhere I'd be going but I loved it.  My decision was between this one and the one behind it.  Both marked $19.99.  I couldn't bring myself to spend $40 that we didn't plan on spending so hubby and I decided we should just get one. 

We put the other dress back on the rack and headed to the cashier.  When the price showed on the screen we were pleasantly surprised: $9.99!!

Yup, $10 for this wonderful dress!

After I paid for it I sent hubby back to the dressing room to get the other one, just to check the price and see if we'd get lucky again.

We didn't, it was still $19.99.  But because the total would only be about $30 for 2 dresses, we decided to get both! SCORE!

Second- Today (Saturday) we took a drive out to Kapolei.... it's about a 30 minute drive from our house.  They are building a lot of new shops and restuarants out there and we wanted to check it out. 

One store in particular? Ross.

Yup you heard that right.  We passed about 2 Ross stores on our way to Kapolei but wanted to check out the new one.  We heard this one was bigger and cleaner so we thought we'd get lucky.

And I did!

I found these Steve Madden sunglasses (don't remember what the retail price was) for $10! I was just thinking this morning how I needed new sunglasses because the only pair I have is purple (yes, purple.  And I also paid $10 for those) and doesn't really match my everyday outfits. Muy importante folks!

So I scored for the second time this weekend:

After we went shopping, we headed back into town (Honolulu).  We were suppossed to meet up with my cousin from Kaua'i.  But he and his girl went parasailing on the other side of the island and were running late.  We ended up rescheduling for dinner tomorrow instead.

Hubbs and I decided to eat at the place we picked anyway since we were already in town.  We ended up here:

Yama's Fish Market

I've only tasted the food here at certain catered events.  Hubbs has never been here.  This place is more of a take-out joint than a sit down place.  There are only 2 tables outside and 4 chairs (we managed to score a seat).  There is a park nearby that we contemplated eating at or even just taking our food home to enjoy.

We ordered:

Mine on the left: Laulau (meat wrapped in taro leaves and ti leaves, steamed traditionally in an underground oven (imu) but modernly steamed on the stove), poi (pounded taro mixed with water), lomi salmon (pieces of salmon mixed with onions and tomatoes), and haupia (coconut custard/pudding) for dessert!

Hubbs on the right: Kalua pig (traditionally also roasted in an imu but modernly slow roasted in an oven and smoked), lomi salmon, poke (raw fish cut in cubes and mixed with various seasonings... this one was soy sauce and sesame seed oil w/ sea salt and green onions), rice, and haupia for dessert.

The verdict? ALL DELICIOUS!

Because my blood sugar has been high lately I saved the haupia for later and took it home.  Hubby inhaled his food in about 2 minutes. 

The best part? It was pretty affordable. 

Ironically in Hawaii, Hawaiian food can get pretty pricey.  That's because almost eveything is fresh and because the ingredients are pretty local (lots of taro and fish in our meals!) it's hard to buy in bulk.

For both of our plates and hubby's drink we shelled out $20.  A meal like this at other Hawaiian food restaurants would have set us back closer to the mid $30's.

Not the cheapest meal we could find... but for the quality and portions, we were plenty satisfied!

Hope you all had a fabulous Saturday!

Cheers to an even better Sunday!


  1. What an AWESOME day!!!!!!! Love it;)

  2. yahh girl on steal deals! love when things are cheaper than i expect.


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