Random bloggin & Day #4- Topic # 9: How I hope my Future will be like

I've been having SUPER busy days at work lately so I apologize for not getting this post up sooner.

The lady I'm covering for starts again next week, but only part time.  However, I am STOKED.  I constantly feel like I'm playing catch up. So when she returns, hopefully that will mean more time for blogging!!

In other news....

Have you ever been to a chiropractor?  

Last year I went to see one for migraines and upper back pain.  What I thought would just be a quick consultation and adjustment turned into a rehabilitation plan for almost 11 months.

My doctor took X-rays of my neck and spine and the X-rays showed that I had slight Scoliosis.  And my neck? Well the cervical curve was actually going the opposite direction.  Frankly I had the neck of a 65 year old.

My images looked like the one on the far left of this picture.


I'm happy to report that after 11 months of rehab, my spine is straight.  My neck however looks like the "6 months" image above.  So now? I have another 6 weeks of intensive (read- tear inducing) rehab.

Rehab isn't just getting your spine adjusted.  I also have to do these exercises/stretches called traction where I lean back on a special chair with a small amount of weight hanging from my head for 15 minutes.  Sound like torture? Well it is.  BUT these exercises have greatly helped my neck return to the natural curve God intended.  

I'm almost there.

The kinda bad news about all this (besides the torturous stretching)?  My beloved running time is now replaced with rehab time.  I still have Wednesday (today, yay!) and the weekends to run, but 4 days a week are now spent in rehab.

*sigh*- It's all for better health so the sacrifice is worth it.  I guess.

Now back to our regular scheduled programming of the 30 day challenge:

How I hope my future will be like.

Well, I hope my near future will involve exercising of some sort.  I plan on hitting the elliptical (still haven't gotten new running shoes) and getting some strength training in this evening.

Distant future? Being that I currently happily married, I hope to have some little ones soon. I grew up with a big family and can't wait to have one of my one.

I hope to find a job that I can see myself retiring at.  I don't really have an urge to change jobs very often, but the way I feel now, I hope to return to school because I really want to get into teaching.  Maybe the future will hold a teaching job for me! I love kids and would really like to teach elementary kids, anywhere between 2nd and 4th grade. 

Yeah, that would be fantastic.  In the future I will still be happily married, with children, teaching at an elementary school, with time to continue running, paddling, and spending time with my family.  My future self would also be living back on Maui =)

ahhhh.... the good life!


  1. Yikes, that rehab doesn't sound fun! At least it will be worth it at the end.
    Your plan for the future sounds wonderful.

  2. Maui No Ka Oi!!!!!!

    PS: I REALLY need to go to the chiro.. my neck is all sorts of messed up:( Not really excited to find out what my issues are tho--or the at home exercises I'll no doubt have to do. boo!! YAY for your recovery!!


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