Day #3- Topic #22- How have I changed in the past 2 years.


I've never really thought about how I've changed over time. Sure, once in awhile I'll turn to my hubbs/cousins/friends and say, "hey! remember when we where at that one place and saw so-and-so and did this and that?"

But to really contemplate how I've changed? Never really crossed my mind. 

Two years ago it was April 25, 2009.

During that time I was working as a Senior Audit Assistant at one of the Big Four accounting firms.  For those not in the accounting world, there are four mega-sized global accounting/professional services firms.  And I worked for one of them.
And I HATED it.  Sure there were some good times, like being assigned to audit a great client, who had clean financial statements, and knew the drill when it came to an audit.  Most of the folks I worked with were great.

But what I didn't like? The loooooong hours.  I remember staying in the office past midnight multiple times.  Some weeks I ate dinner more often with my co-workers than my fiance (now husband).  And that may be fine and dandy for some people, but I just couldn't visualize living the rest of my life like that.

Also during this time two years ago, I was engaged! We decided to not start planning our wedding until a little more than a year out, so in April 2009 we were just enjoying our engagement.  

That's pretty much it.  I didn't have time for anything else, really. I worked and came home. On weekends I spent a lot of time at the beach or updating my resume and applying for new jobs.  I wasn't content with my life, and wanted something better, but I knew if I just stuck it out and paid my dues, it would get better.

And it did! Now two years later, a lot has changed.

I've been working in the Finance Department of a non-profit for over a year now.  And I love it.  Mostly because the hours are so flexible, and the culture is a bit more relaxed and a lot more fun!

I am married now and we will be celebrating our first anniversary this year.

I work out more often, now that I have the time! Even though now, I'm 10 lbs heavier than 2 years ago.  I'm working on it =)

And now, I have a blog!! That has been a huge difference in my life from 2 years ago.  I finally found an outlet for my excitement and frustrations alike.  And I've been able to connect to such great people!

I have definitely grown in the past two years.  Having a tough work experience right out of college was difficult and very draining, but it taught me to value the little things in life, and to appreciate what I have now.

Can't wait to see the exciting changes to come in the next two years!


  1. enjoyed getting to know a little about you

  2. One of my best friends was an auditor for a large firm too (I think you might know her since she's from Lahaina too)... But yah, she just recently changed jobs as well. I don't blame you guys, lol. An auditor's life is a rough life!

    It sure sounds like you are a lot happier now! That's great! :-) Hope you guys had a great Easter!

  3. I think it's awesome that you chose a different path that brought you more work life balance. I'm currently considering a shift like that myself, after almost 15 years at the same company. It's exciting & scary at the same time!


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