Thankful Thursdays- Today was tough....

I am beat.

And somehow, I hurt my ankle... didn't feel it until 3:32 am as the pain pulsed up my leg. Lovely.

This morning I was able to flex my ankle and move my foot in circles.  I asked the hubby to massage it when he got home this morning but he was doing it all wrong.  All wrong.  So of course it's all his fault that it is still sore.  Just kidding. but not really.....

Sorry, that was a weird intro.... Let's start again!

Today I'm am thankful for none other than FREE STUFF!

Take a look at what came in the mail yesterday:

Yes, that is a $500 giftcard.  $500.  I thought it was $50 and got all excited... then I looked closer.  It's a gift card for an online store selling sunglasses.  So many types! And the ones I saw where for about $100. 

I don't know about you but when I saw $500, I thought ," well, this must be for something that costs like $20,000 because whenever they give you a big discount, it's always sooooo minor compared to full price!"

Apparently my intuition needs to be updated.

So I'm very thankful for that!!

And for my sore ankle... because even though it is sore, it is because I can run.  See that right there? I CAN RUN.

Last one- I'm thankful for these kiddos, my baby bro and sis:

What are you thankful for this week/day/hour/right this second?

And just for you theAlmostRunner:

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  1. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. uuuugh i'm writing that on my grocery list right now. i LOVE apple jacks! how can anyone NOT!?


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