Hi Friends...

please say a prayer for us as a earthquake of 8.8 with aftershocks of 6.4 has rocked Japan...

Hawaii is under a tsunami warning:

Tsunami Warning – Indicates that a tsunami is imminent and that coastal locations in the warned area should prepare for flooding. The initial warning is typically based on seismic information alone. Earthquakes over magnitude 7.0 trigger a warning covering the coastal regions within 2 hours tsunami travel time from the epicenter. When the magnitude is over 7.5, the warned area is increased to 3 hours tsunami travel time. As water level data showing the tsunami is recorded, the warning will either be cancelled, restricted, expanded incrementally, or expanded in the event of a major tsunami.

Thanks!! Off to get gas and supplies...

pic of the gas station about an hour ago-
I'll keep ya posted!

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  1. I was just thinking of you and praying you and everyone in the islands stay safe..Im following & posting updates on http://twitter.com/shirlLUVScoffee Stay safe Vanessa!


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