I'm cheating on my treadmill. And I like it.

So much for Wordless Wednesdays.... maybe next week? LOL

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OK... on with the post!

After work today, I decided to go for a run.... but after a morning that started out all rainy and cloudy, I wasn't sure if it'd work out.  On Monday, I made plans to go walking with a friend but it started pouring 15 minutes in! Needless to say, I had my fingers crossed!

The sky was overcast and dark gloomy rain clouds hovered over me. I arrived at the same park as Monday, around the same time.  As I started out, it sprinkled a bit, but nothing I couldn't handle.  I even convinced myself that if it started pouring, I'm gonna have fun running in the rain.

Fortunately for me, it started to look like this:

And this...

Any Hawaii 5-0 fans out there?  Do you remember this spot? Kono sat here with a little girl who's mom was kidnapped by Russian gangsters/her daddy... they had shave ice (snow cones) on these benches...

Sorry it's so blurry! I was dodging other runners....

After a quarter mile, the path turns onto another part of the park named Magic Island.  I have no idea how it got this name, but it was pretty magical....

This is looking back towards the first 0.25 mile I ran

Can you spot the surfers? They look TINY

Proof that I was there. Yes, I was the idiot who took pics when I was "resting"

The pic above is of a portion of the beach protected by a sea wall... it's calm and shallow, perfect for keiki (children)! see those runners in the background? the sidewalk curves around to where they are... I had fun runny down that manini (tiny) hill LOL

Famous Diamond Head, Honolulu Harbor and not-so-famous moi

This was my view as I headed back to where I began... I must say that I don't think I could ever run on a treadmill EVER again. Don't know if I can handle staring at a wall for my entire workout. 

And if you're wondering why I was so amazed by a park on an island where I've lived for 3 years, this is the second time I took a run outside. The first time took place on Sunday.  I guess that speaks volumes of the extent of my running "experience".

I'm really inspired and motivated to start running here after work...on most days when I can.  I can never take for granted the beauty that surrounds me.

And as I round out this post I leave you with one more image... the sunset as I jogged back to my car...Good night dear friends!


  1. You have the most *beautiful* running scenery, for sure.

  2. I agree with Rose... gorgeous time 1,000. And will you please post that Apple Jacks pic you mentioned? hahaha LOVE apple jacks.

    Also, thank you so much for always commenting on my blog! It really encourages me, plus you have awesome things to say anyway. : )

  3. Thanks ladies! hopefully soon I'll be able to run without stopping to take so many pics LOL

    Commenting is such a win-win... I too feel encouraged when others comment and love to give the support right back!

    I love reading both your blogs! So much wit and personality I can hardly contain myself haha!


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