Peer Pressure at its finest...

I have great friends.

Yesterday, I was browsing on line many calendars of running events around Hawaii and I fell upon this little gem: HANA RELAY. Go ahead. Check out the link.

U back? OK...

Yes, you read that right... 52 miles, 617 curves, and over 56 bridges...

Get. Excited.

It's a 6 person relay over 52 miles.  The race is broken up into 18 legs, with each person running 3 legs.  So all in all, it's about 8.66667 miles per person, 2.888889 miles per leg (yes, I'm an accountant).

Totally Do-Able!!

So I posted on FB that I was really feeling this race.  I thought about one of my childhood friends who is ULTRA supporive and likes to be active and how we have a few mutual friends who are runners and that they'd love to do something like this and how it's going to be so awesome to run this with my friends and and and and and....

After I posted, that same friend commented that she doesn't think she could do something like that.  In about 2 comments, I had convinced her to join me AND ask two more friends PLUS one of their moms!

Yesterday, when walking around Ala Moana Beach Park, I asked another friend if she'd be interested and she said YES! She runs A LOT and I was so stoked to have friends support me in this.

If you've never been to Hawaii, there's this place on Maui called Hana.  It is a beautiful town and the drive there is just as pretty, complete with streams and waterfalls and rainforest.  Lots of rainforest.


And we will be running through it all.  In costumes.  With a decorated van. YESSSSSS!

So my friend posted the link (see above) to our mutual friends' page and 28 comments later, we had our team: Me, JenJen, Leah, Leah's mom (who apparently wakes up one morning and decides to run a marathon), Roberta, and Kelly (still kinda undecided, but I'm signing her up anyway. who can turn down costumes???)

It's in September, so I have 6 months to get ready.  I got this.

On another note, today was Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras, International Women's Day, and Malasada Day.  Don't know what a malasada is? It's a Portuguese dessert- like a fried doughnut without the hole, rolled in sugar... crispy on the outside, warm, soft and fluffy on the outside. click HERE.

While I did not have any malasadas, I did stuff my face today... And seriously? There is no need for an International Women's Day.  I am a woman.  I am awesome.  I celebrate this everyday.


  1. Anonymous3/08/2011

    Couple things here -- first things first... WHO is drooling for a mala-freakinʻ-sada right now!? Just me? OMG! Itʻs all I can think about! I have been sick since Wednesday & all Iʻve eaten are our yummy Sacred Hearts School Bazaar Malasadas from Friday night!

    ...With THAT being said: I REALLY need to start running again! Unlike Auntie Kath, I fear I am NOT the type to wake up and say, "Gee, I think Iʻm gonna run a marathon. Yup! Right now. Here I go.." Nooooo maʻam!

    Also, I noticed you posted a pic from Liz (A Maui Blog) whom Iʻve met on Twitter:) ...which leads me to ask you: How come you donʻt have a twitter account yet!??!

    Ohhhh how I love that you are blogging! It makes me all kinds of happy:)

  2. I HEART you.

    PS. I do have a twitter.... but I forgot my password.... and I can never keep up with everyone.

    But now that I'm blogging I think I should be twittering as well. It's only natural.

  3. This is such a great blog theme! I've also recently started running... mostly to try to be skinny (haha) but also to be able to say that "I am a runner". Hopefully that day will soon come. :-) As for right now, I can't even run 1/2 a mile without stopping. Haha. Good luck to the both of us!! I know we can do it. :-D

  4. Go You!! That's really the reason why I started running too...

    I need to lose weight (health reasons) and I really want to be active and healthy... Also, I secretly (or not so secretly now) envy those people who can run miles non stop.

    We will get there soon! Just gotta keep at it!

  5. I LOVE your blog!! And that relay sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!

    The most ironic thing about you finding my blog is that on Saturday, and every day since then, my boyfriend and I have been talking about/looking up jobs to move to Hawaii!! I'm a teacher and his job has an opening for his position in Honolulu.

  6. Thanks Tara!

    Our random connection in the BlogWorld is obviously a sign...

    Feel free to contact me if you need any help!


    Good luck with the job search!


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