MY RUN Movie Premiere

Today I wanted to start a new theme (idea by a friend and blog reader) called Wordless Wednesdays... a post using only pictures.

I was super stoked and ready to go until:

1. my camera died.  So I don't have any cool pictures to share except a bowl of Apple Jacks (maybe I'll post that later).

2.  I found this really inspiring blog with this really great giveaway (so since I get points for sharing, I'm posting, and it also seems like a super cool movie):

Words to Run By: MY RUN is Your Run

The movie MY RUN will be premiering on 3/31st, and she's giving away 2 pairs of tickets! AND they are showing it in Honolulu!  It's hard to get really great non "main stream" movies here... and when we do, the publicity can use a lot of work.

Here's the trailer:

I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm already inspired.  There are times when I feel like collapsing on the treadmill before I've even reached a mile... and this guy ran 26.2 miles for 75 consecutive days! HOLY MOLY!

I'm definitely going to check out this movie, even if I don't win the free tickets =)

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  1. You're so sweet - thank you for spreading the word and including my giveaway!! I LOVE you're blog - I'm definitely a follower from now on and will be checking it out in more detail today! Thanks!!!!!! :)


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