Walk. Run. Walk. Run. Walk. Rinse and Repeat...

I HATED running.

Which may have you thinking, "Then why the heck are you doing this?"

Well... my logic goes like this: If you aren't familiar with something, better get familiar with it (as long as it's not life threatening. I do not recommend you get familiar with alligators or cliff jumping).

Like most people, I wanted to have a resolution this year to lose weight. I've gained a lot since my college graduation and it just sucks.

But it seems that since being out of college, my tried and true techniques to lose weight have not been working. I don't have a college campus to trek across multiple times a day. Instead, I sit at a desk. For 40 hours a week. And in a car for 7.5 hours a week. And I get so tired during the week that I'd rather sip some wine than go workout. No bueno.

So, instead of focusing on dropping some pounds, I decided to set a goal based on athletic ability:

Running a 5K , sub 30. Not just participate, but RUN.

These past 9 days have been interesting. My training has gotten harder but I need to keep pushing.

I've pushed through a 10 min/mile this week. Not as bad as I thought it would be (running at a 12 min/mile previously). But I can do it now!

I have yet to run a mile straight, but I'm working on it. I get bummed out because I thought I could easily run for 3 minutes at least. But alas, I'm not the exerciser I was in college.

To get through my beginner stages, I'm running intervals this week. I'm supposed to be running for 2 minutes, resting for 3, but can't run 2 minutes yet without my legs threatening to go on strike. Instead, I'm doing a walk/run/walk/run/walk interval for a minute each.

Last night, I pushed myself again. I told myself to run as long as I can. Then, when I feel like quitting, give it one more try. Then one more try. Then one more try. Turns out, after a few more tries, I was able to run for 1.5 minutes. And it felt GOOD.

I'll keep pushing myself until I can do a walk/run/run/walk/run interval without stopping. As long as I keep talking to myself ("one more try, one more try"... "pain is temporary"), I know I can do this. One baby interval at a time.

Running isn't as bad as I thought it was.


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