Yogurt, Gas, Housewives, and Moms

The other day I read Tara’s post about Yoplait Greek yogurt.  I’ve only tried Chobani so I was very interested because I heart Greek yogurt!!

I went to Safeway and lo and behold, there were about 4 different brands of Greek yogurt, including Yoplait! Because Chobani was on sale, I had to grab a few.  Then I grabbed a few Yoplait’s for good measure. 

Yesterday I had the Strawberry Chobani for breakfast and it was delish, as always.  Have you tried Greek yogurt?

Greek yogurt had more protein than regular yogurt... But the sugar is still kinda high. Today I tried Yoplait's Greek yogurt with honey and vanilla.  It's tasty, but a bit more tart than what I'm used to.  And it's not as smooth as Chobani.  I'd probably still buy it, if it was on sale, but nothing to get excited over.

Work was super busy so I ended up eating at my desk, which I try to avoid.  Friday was a State Holiday for us but since the museum is closed on Mondays, we take our holiday on Monday.  And because Monday was a holiday? All my deposits and PO’s got pushed to Tuesday and I was SWAMPED!!

I went for a walk to clear my head.  We have a gas station across the street so I frequent that convenience store, a lot (hence, frequent). 

I picked up a bottle of water and some Gatorade for my run after work and almost fainted after I saw this:


Back at my desk, my brain just wasn’t working and I felt all sorts of lost. Which culminated at the end of my work day, when I was about to change into my workout gear and realized I left half my outfit at HOME!

Which meant I would have to go home and get my clothes, and might as well work out there since it would be prime traffic time and super inconvenient to drive anywhere in Honolulu.

So that’s what I did.  Warmed up on the elliptical, toned my arms, shoulders, back, and abs, then back on the elliptical for 45 minutes.  I feel the elliptical is the lesser of the two evils when choosing between that and the treadmill.  However, after awhile my feet get numb and it just gets boring. Thank goodness I was able to watch this as a distraction:

After my workout, I got caught up on another distraction (don’t judge me):

The hubby and I got really into it and stayed up late to watch the finale.  I really wish I could get those 90 minutes of my life back!

And today? I’m dragging.  I can’t wait for this day to be over with so I can go to sleep at 9pm. 

What TV shows do you enjoy as a distraction, or just plain guilty pleasure?

What are the gas prices like in your area of the world?


  1. I'm glad you liked the honey. It's the only one I haven't tried yet but it's in my fridge right now.

    Anything on Bravo is a distraction to me.

    Gas prices for regular unleaded are between $3.30 and $3.50 depending on where I am (near a highway or in a nieghborhood).

  2. those gas prices are DISGUSTING. they are 3.30ish here... i HATE IT!

    obviously you wasted time watching bravo, but wasting time is a good thing. so is bravo. : )

  3. Mmm yogurt.. adding that to my grocery list!

    Question.. you mentioned your feet going numb on the elliptical... do you ever get a gnary cramp in your hip area(s)?? I used to work out on the elliptical a lot but it started giving me these sharp cramp-type pains I couldn't deal with and prefer just to run now. Curious if anyone else gets these?

    PS: is it bad that I would happily pay those gas prices (in fact be stoked!) if ONLY I had a car that was operable to put gas in?!! *nothavingacarSUCKS!*

  4. I didn't realize you and Jenn knew each other (make sense now though). That's crazy!


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