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First things first- thank you thank you thank you!!

for all your prayers, well wishes, and good vibes.  There has been minor damage to harbors around Hawaii, but no one is hurt. 

My family lives on Maui where the harbor was flooded and water covered the streets in Kahului (the harbor town).  In Kihei (south Maui), most of the streets were underwater.

Kahului Harbor, Maui (Mauinow.com)

On the big island of Hawaii, I just learned that a house actually floated away! Also, a hotel was damaged pretty badly.  Below is a video taken by a visitor.  **DISCLAIMER** I DO NOT condone staying close to shore just to get the "money shot". It is the most STUPID thing anyone can do.** That being said, this guy is an idiot.  But he got some of the best footage I've seen and I'm am thankful that he wasn't swept away!

On O'ahu, where I live, fish were washing up in the parking lots of some harbors! Kind (but a little naive) locals tried to throw them back into the water.  I understand they were trying to "do good" but hello?  a tsunami is coming.  Get your butt to higher ground!!

I am so very thankful that we are all safe.  Please continue to keep Japan in your prayers.  If you would like to donate to the Japan Relief Fund through the Red Cross, you can do so right here.


Wonder how we prepared for the tsunami? Feast your eyes on this:

We got water, bread, rice, canned veggies, canned fruits, and of course Pop Tarts! We also grabbed a box of cereal and some beer (essentials, right?) We also had lots of canned tuna, chicken, peanut butter, and ice cream at home too...

Today in a comment at Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri I confessed that I used the men's restroom today. 

There were fixing the wiring/electricity on the women's side so it was off limits.  And actually, the men's restroom was cleaner than the women's and smelled better.  But a picture of me smiling in the men's restroom is a little creepy/less funny than the one above.

And an obligatory picture while parked/stopped at a light:

Tomorrow I'm back in action! Regular programming will return... promise.  I must now feed the husband before he chews off another table leg.  Stay well friends!!


  1. Urinals will never not freak me out.

    I'm glad to hear you're safe and dry.

  2. i pretty much scaled the wall on the opposite side just to be sure there was adequate space between me and the pee bucket/wall thing called a urinal LOL

  3. Wow. This just really goes to show how the media doesn't give a complete picture. I did not see any of the damage on TV. It sounded like you guys just came out fine. I am so glad that you and your family were safe.

  4. I'm sooooo glad you and your family are safe!! It was scary to read about it so I can't imagine being involved in it somehow.

    Random: I subscribed to your blog when I read it the first time but it JUST loaded into Google Reader so all your posts just showed up. That explains why I'm a little behind in commenting!

  5. Thank you for your comments and concern!

    It's always scary when a tsunami comes because like an earthquake, we can't estimate the size yet unlike an earthquake, we know it's coming, just don't know when or how big.

    Thank God it's all over for us. Still praying for Japan


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