Can't seem to find my motivation. Have you seen it? I thought I left it right here....

It's 6:22pm.

My husband has left for work and won't return home till about 7ish tomorrow morning.

We have done absolutely nothing today.  We ate cereal, he slept to prepare for his shift tonight, and I watched Man with the Iron Mask.

The first time I saw this I was 13.  Amazing how different my perception is now.  Still not a fave, but fine for a Sunday afternoon.

Knocked Up was also showing (feat. Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen).  Again, fine for a Sunday afternoon.  However, anytime I watch Katherine Heigl in any movie, I always picture her as Alexia Wheaton from Wish Upon a Star.  Do any of you remember this?

I do not remember her eyebrows looking all weird though... she looks alien-esque

There we go, that's the face I remember!

After my husband woke up from his nap, he wanted to go grab a bite at Moe's Southwestern Grill.  I did not take any pics there but please believe that it was delish.

Realized that this was the 3rd time this weekend I've had Mexican Food.  Huh, maybe I should work on that.  Updating my blog has given me a new awareness of my diet pitfalls.  I could be putting in a little extra effort.  Well, we'll just see what tomorrow brings.

And now I'm here... trying to find motivation to go work out.  I haven't worked out in about 4 days and I got this weird feeling, like my body is craving to get all worked out and sweaty.  I literally was on my couch trying to convince myself to work out.  Decided to blog instead.  And whaddya know?  Writing this out for the entire world to see is motivation found. 

Also, reading everyone else's blog updates with their killer workouts is exactly the kick in the butt I needed.

Here I go!


  1. 1) Leonardo is STILL a stud!

    2) Katherine Heigl will ALWAYS be Alexia Wheaton!!! By the way; LOVED that movie!! haha!! I know sheʻs "Izzy" to most of America, but Iʻm with you girl...I canʻt believe you know that movie--well, actually yeah I can..we grew up together! haha! =D

    3) YOU have inspired me on so many levels. I blog more, I search other other blogs and comment more, I have more desire to workout, and really just wanted to let you know how awesome you are:)

    Also, if you didnʻt work out tonight, please donʻt feel bad. Ever since the Earthquakes, Tsunamiʻs, and now Volcanic Eruptions itʻs been an off weekend...

    On another note, may I suggest a nutritional journal or notebook where you can input what you ate and when, as well as what workout(s) you did that day. This is awesome on so many levels, and I think youʻll love it..I think youʻll particularly enjoy looking back/referencing everything later.

  2. Mexican food CAN be healthy, it's just hard when they bring out delicious chips and salsa, right from the get go. But BEANS! They're so good for you. Mmmmmmm.

    A summer of free Padres tickets? AWESOME. My husband would be SO jealous.


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