Easy like Sunday morning....

I got bad news and I got good news.

Bad news- I did not run the 10K today despite the peer pressure from my friends.  Actually, it was more of "you should do it!" and "OK, I'm in". Literally 2 second conversation... what can I say? I'm a sucka for positive peer pressure.  I did not run because when I went to register, I missed the deadline for the $25 race fee and would have had to pay $45 instead.  Lesson learned- plan ahead and sign up early! I couldn't justify $45 to myself and my hubby so I just had to take a raincheck...

Good news- the hubby and I went on a run together. For the past week he has been working nights so we only see each other on the weekends.  It was a great bonding experience! 4 miles in one hour! Which includes a 12 minute walk around our apartment complex to warm up and lots of picture taking (documented below).

We started down the hill by our house (and also next to a freeway) to the beginning of a trail.  The hubby claimed this trail ends at a park.... we passed about 4 parks on the way to his park.  I thought we'd end up in Waikiki!

Me, walking backwards on the trail

Catch me if you can!
The trail runs across Moanalua Valley and down pass a river/stream into Moanalua Gardens...

Eat my dust!
As you can see, I had my photographer  hubby document most of our run.  So to be fair, I offered to take a picture of him:

The hubby
Believe or not, we did actually run for a bit.  There was a lot of "keep running till the next tree!" "ow ow ow my side!" "oh my gosh I should have had a healthier breakfast...why'd you let me eat that?" My hubby, like always, kept his mouth shut and just kept running and smiling like the great husband he is...

So we crossed the river, ran under the overpass, straight into Moanalua gardens.  Here are some of the highlights...

The duck pond and Kalo (Taro) plants

Me and the Kalo

Koi Fish
Us by the pond
CHEEZU!- Me impersonating a Japanese Tourist

So after walking around the gardens for a bit we started on our way back home.  Funny thing about hills though- they are a BLAST to run down but running up them is another story!

The hill we ran  walked up after visiting the garden

It was such a great time! I didn't break any records or anything but I had a blast running/walking with my hubby and experiencing new things together...AND I almost forgot to mention, this is my first time running outside in 8 weeks!! I'm a HUGE treadmill rat but I'm inspried to take an outside run at least weekly with the hubby!

Happy Sunday Folks!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend....


  1. Love your blog Nessa! I would be all kinds of inspired if we were hanging. You guys look like you're doing great! Keep up the good work! Love ya!

  2. Thanks girlfriend! Hopefully we can hang out soon... maybe run in between mai tais and margaritas? LOL love ya too!

  3. Man you make me want to visit Hawaii... Never been before :)

  4. YES! come visit =)

    the best island is MAUI, where I was raised (but I'm not partial or anything, LOL)

  5. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful route to run!

  6. OMG is right!

    Can you believe I lived here, at this complex, for 3 years and just discovered this gem?!


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