Good husbands hide bathroom scales

This isn’t supposed to be about weight loss.
Every year, shoot, even multiple times a year I make a resolution to lose weight. It always starts out great. For about 72 hours.
Then I just get over it. It’s not interesting anymore. Even when I try for a week or two, I get discouraged REALLY easily. And I blame it all on the scale.
In college I was able to workout 3-4 times a week, kinda watch what I ate, and the weight came off like magic. This time around? No magic.

So when I made this resolution, while my main goal was to run a 5K sub 30 minutes, my indirect goal was to stop focusing on my weight. But I just couldn’t help it. Once a week I’d stand on the scale, just to see the same number from the week before. And feel defeated. Once again.
I swear I was trying my hardest. Ok ok, maybe I shouldn’t be eating all that ice cream. But still…. I’m working out more than ever! I made slight changes to my diet… and not a single ounce was lost?
Maybe it was a muscle gain? But how much muscle could one person gain in a week? Enough to offset any weight loss? I doubt it.
So when I woke up yesterday morning, my bathroom scale has disappeared. My husband has hidden it from me. I don’t know why I was annoyed, since I had ask him to do it, but the request was more out of desperation, “oooohhhh woe is me… this despicable scale must be broken….all my hard work for nothing….this isn’t going to work….woe is me…..2lbs lost just to gain it all back…just take the scale away already!”
I didn’t think he would really do it.
But I’m glad he did. Now I can focus on increasing my endurance and speed. Not on some stupid number.
Even though the number on the scale isn’t budging, I’m running for almost 2 minutes at a time now. Remember day 1? Struggling just to run for a minute?? Now I can run for 2 minutes!!
I’m not running long enough for the endorphins to kick in, but the day after feeling feels pretty good too. My legs are tight, but not sore. My upper obliques feel like they got a good workout too. It may all be in my head but that tightness in my muscles is making me appear a bit skinnier in my bathroom mirror.
Bathroom scale be damned!


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