Not What I Expected!

What is the book that almost every single mama-to-be has in her arsenal?

What to Expect When You're Expecting


Confession: I have not read this book cover to cover.

In fact, I only read the interesting parts that related to moi.

Of all the interesting things I learned, what's truly relatable now is that post-pregnancy, NOTHING FITS!

Seriously, friends.

My body has taken on a whole new shape.  

Remember from this post when I cleaned out my closet?

Nothing fit.  I was down to one pair of pants.  

And not even real pants. Freakin' capris!

No jeans, no slacks.  No zip up pencil skirts.

Just stretchy flowly skirts and dresses.

And one pair of capris.

My point? 

I knew that this would happen.  I think that's why I'm OK with purging out so much of my clothes.

I knew my body would change and that it could get difficult to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes right away.

So I'm working on it- watching what I eat and trying to be more active.

You want to know the one thing "they" don't tell you about?

Yeah, your body will change.  You know what else changes?


I swear, all my favorite heels/wedges that I couldn't wear during pregnancy don't fit!

I stopped wearing them when I was pregnant because my balance was all off and I didn't feel comfortable wearing anything higher than 2 inches.

Now I'm all excited to bring out those cute shoes again and lo and behold, they don't fit like they used to fit!

Example? Today I wore these tan wedges that I got from Target.  I remember I loved these babies because the material wasn't stiff and I loved how it felt like it molded to my foot.  

I remember feeling like running in these shoes!

But it's noon. And I'm ready to dump them in the trash.


(Please excuse the fugliness.  I'm in desperate need of a pedicure)

You can't really see too well, but there are blisters forming on my big toes.  

I'm so irritated! I loved these shoes and they barely lasted me till lunch.

I knew my jeans wouldn't fit, maybe a few tops wouldn't fit either.

But shoes? Shoes? My FREAKING SHOES?!
Seriously.... when does the craziness end?


  1. Lol. This post is awesome. I feel like there should be more "not what I expected" pregnancy stories. Like, nobody ever told me how uncomfortable and painful it would be trying to move around when you're stitched up down there. And taking a shower or trying to pee with stitches? Omfg I wanted to die! Not to mention the constant gush of blood that leaks out of you during your first post-pregnancy week. I think we should write our own book. Lol.

    ♥ Duckie.

  2. haha I never thought about how much your feet would change! That's so interesting! Kind of freaks me out for my future pregnancies too.. haha!!


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