My Bundle of Blessings


Baby Phillip

December 29, 2011
7lbs 13oz, 21 inches

My induction was scheduled for December 28, 2011.

I did not want an induction.  About a week before the scheduled "eviction/induction", I tried to encourage baby to come on its own. 

I went on hour long walks at least 3 times a day.

I also tried squats and pelvic rocks to encourage baby to move on down.

I bounced on my exercise ball whenever I could.

But this child did not want to come on its own!

Now I had quite a few people tell me that I should just be patient and let baby arrive when baby decided to arrive.

The thing is, because of Gestational Diabetes, my OB/GYN would not let me go past 40 weeks. 

Beyond 40 weeks, there is a high risk of baby being too big and thus having shoulder dislocation during birth or even more extreme- my placenta will age and stop giving nutrients to my baby or baby could be still born.

Scary stuff, huh?

I tried to coax the little one to come before the 12/28 eviction date because at least then I'd have a natural labor versus one kick started by Pitocin.

Pitocin is a hormone used to induce labor.  The scary thing with Pitocin is that contractions are not natural and more violent than if labor was started naturally. It's a rough ride.

I honestly was terrified of the induction because through my birthing classes and research, I know that one medical intervention can lead to another and I wanted a natural unmedicated birth.  The last thing I wanted was a Ceaserean Section and/or an Epidural.  I am more afraid of a needle going through my spine and being cut open than I am of giving birth.

Having an induction with Pitocin increases the liklihood a woman would get an Epidural to ease the pain (remember Pitocin contractions are more violent than natural contractions).  Having an Epidural increases the liklihood a woman would get a Ceaserean Section because she will be numb from the waist down and will not be able to labor efficiently.

I did my research and knew that I would have an uphill battle to get the birth I wanted.  I was dissappointed when my baby didn't arrive before my induction date.

We got to the hospital and later they started an IV drip of Pitocin. 

Five hours later I was in active labor and 2 hours after that I hit the transition phase.  Two and a half hours later I was ready to push but had to wait until I was completely dialated to 10 cm.  In 30 minutes I was ready to push and an hour later he was born!

So if you're doing the math, 10 hours of labor and one hour of pushing total. 

Now that's not too bad if it was a natural labor, but this was on high speed with Pitocin and contractions were horrible!!

Sorry to cut it short here, but it's feeding time for Phillip.

I promise to get into the details of my birth plan and birth "reality" soon.

Thanks for sticking by me! Love you all =)


  1. I absolutely loved reading this and you totally left us hanging!! Can't wait until your next post;) xoox's

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I sent you emails....I was so worried something bad happened. YAY!!!!! congrats girl and he is just beautiful :) so happy for you COngrats! xoxox

  3. AH! CONGRATULATIONS! Phillip! I love it! He is such a beautiful little guy. Can't wait to hear more! :)


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