And We're Back!

We're up and runniing (again!).

Biggest apologies to all my readers/followers for not posting anything in like a month!

I got super sick before my maternity leave started, got busy with work while trying to prepare for my maternity leave, tried to get my house in order during maternity leave, and...

had a baby!!

And after that? My computer crapped out on me.  So all I had was an iPad and I'm sorry but it is kinda ridiculous to try and blog on that thing.  But we just got our new laptop today and we're super duper psyched to be connected to the electronic world again =)

I promise to update all of you on the details soon... As you can imagine, life with a newborn doesn't leave much free time for blogging. 

But I have been thinking of all of you and miss you tons!

PS- Our new computer has a webcam installed so I'm stoked to start VLOGGING soon! Yes, my previous crappy laptop did not have a webcam installed- it was almost 6 years old (yikes!).


  1. Congratulations on your baby :)

  2. You are on my mind everyday and I let out a squeeeee when I saw your post! So glad you're back (again) AND I'm excited you guys got a new laptop. I'm extra excited it has a webcam, too! Please download Skype if you haven't already & add me!! Also looking forward to your future vlogs! You're so brave -- maybe one day I will be too;)

  3. YAY!!!! so happy :)


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