It's OK Thursday

Hi Friends!

So I picked up on another blog trend: a link up! A blogger writes a themed posts, encourages readers to write a similar post and then add a link to their themed post on the blogger's wall!

Sound kinda complicated? Well it's not, I promise!

Today's theme is It's OK Thursdays from A Complete Waste of Makeup. Go check it out and read her post.  Then notice all the links on the bottom? You might recognize a few of those blogs or some might be new to you.  It's a great way to find new blogs!

Its Ok Thursdays

Hey, It's OK...

...if you tell your husband the reason why you need a new bottle of perfume to last you the next year is so that the baby will recognize your scent.  If you stop using it or change scents, baby might get confused!

...if you don't want to let that jerk of a driver cut in front of you, after you saw him/her in your rear view mirror speed all the way to the front of the turn lane instead of waiting his/her turn like the rest of us.

...if you correct people when they make comments of how big you're getting with, "The baby is getting big."

...if when people say, "You look tired.", you respond with, "Thanks! YOU TOO!".

...if you're mourning the vacation that would have been.  I had planned to leave for a 2 week California vacay on Friday night.  But the trip has been postponed until the baby arrives.  Yes, I'm bummed about missing my trip and will probably be a grump all weekend.

...if someone asks you a question and you respond with, "Did you Google it?".

...if you're having breakfast for dinner not just because it's budget friendly, but because it's just GOOD!

So tell me, because today is "It's OK Thursday", what's OK with you? 

Feel free to leave a link to your own "It's OK Thursday" post!


  1. Haha, I love these! I hate when people say to me, "you look tired." Gee, thanks!

  2. I respond /w "google it" all the time....even when I know the answer but I sick and tired of texting it back and forth :P just call me :) lol


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