Go Put On Some Clothes!

Yesterday I posted about a few of my healthy eating tips and tricks for the holiday season.

I know I sound pretty crazy, but really all my tricks are about bargaining with myself (yes, I talk to myself on a regular basis!).

For a quick recap:

1: Indulge in the GOOD stuff, don't waste an "indulgence" on a piece of candy or a cookie that is good but just doesn't do it for you.  In all honesty, your indulgence should be borderline orgasmic (Helllloooooo Pumpkin Creme Brulee!). Seriously.

2: Watch your portion sizes- have a piece of that cake, a slice of pie, 2-3 cookies.  That's it.  Don't eat the entire dessert or a dozen cookies! Enjoy your 1 serving and savor it.

3: Don't indulge the entire season- Thanksgiving is ONE DAY.  Christmas is ONE DAY.  New Years Eve is one party.  Don't indulge on all the days in between.

Now that we got the healthy eating tips down, what about exercise??

Honestly, I got only one trick up my sleeve.  I am no fitness guru or expert.  I read a lot and do my research and I'm into trying new things.  But I can't give running advice or Bikram Yoga tips (except don't come too close to me, I'm not good with spacial boundaries).  I experiment with running, strength training, yoga, and swimming (so far) and I know what works for me.

But one trick I do have is literally like gold to me.  I have no idea where I got this from but it works for me 100% of the time.


If you don't feel like working out, just get dressed (head to toe!).  If you still don't feel like working out after getting your gear on, go ahead and skip your workout.

WHAAAT? Permission to skip a workout? YES. But hear me out-

There have been times where I don't feel like completing my scheduled workout.  Going to the gym just seems annoying and all I want to do is cuddle up to some Ben & Jerry's and put on a few good chick flicks.

But before I get to the point of falling asleep in a pint of ice cream, the compromise is to get dressed.

I change into my workout clothes, lace up my shoes, put on my heart rate monitor.

If after all that, all I can think of are my boys (B&J), then fine. I sit back on the couch and that's it.

Want to know a secret? That has NEVER happened.

By the time I get dressed, even if I don't want to complete my workout that is scheduled, I'm usually up for walking around my apartment complex or taking an easy cardio routine on the elliptical.  Sometimes I surprise myself and continue my exercise routine as scheduled but sometimes I take on an easier workout.

Either way, I exercise.  I do something.  

And we all know doing something is better than nothing.


So even if all you do is take a walk or complete half your workout, you did something.

And trust me, you'll feel so much better than if you didn't just get dressed.


  1. i love this vanessa! its so true!

  2. Love this and so true. If I'm not feeling like working out I take my dog on a 45 minute walk and am just happy to have done SOMETHING!

    Get Up & Go


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