Revisiting My 2011 Goals

I got this idea from Aron at Runner's Rambles.

She has been an inspiration to me early on in my running/blogging "career".

Every quarter she likes to reevaluate her goals and see where she's at and if anything needs changing.

"Goals are always a work in progress so things definitely change over the matter of a year!"
I figured it's time for me to reevaluate my goals too!

Really I only had one for 2011: Run a 5K under 30 minutes.

As most readers know, I chose this goal so that I could focus more on athleticism and not on losing weight.  I wanted weight loss to be a "by-product" of my goal, not the main result.

So now that it's October, where am I now?

I started training in January and ran my first and only 5K of the year in May.  I was about 7 weeks pregnant at the time.

It was tough.

But I did better than I thought I would!

I didn't reach my goal of less than 30 minutes.

My original plan was to try my best at my first 5K and evaluate what I needed to change for the next one.

But after finding out we were expecting, my fitness level dropped drastically. Which I now regret.  I thought I had an excuse to take it easy sit on my ass and eat what I want.  Granted I wasn't shoving my face with Ben & Jerry's every night, but I wasn't as focused as I was before.  I should have kept up with it.

Since I most likely won't be running a 5K by the end of the year, I think it's best I rewrite my goals.

I will have a healthy pregnancy- I will try my best to control my gestational diabetes. This means I need to closely watch what I eat, continue with my daily walks, and take my vitamins.

I will enjoy the last quarter of my pregnancy- Less than 12 weeks to go!! I need to be sure we have everything set for baby to arrive.  I also want to start a baby journal so that I can document when I first felt baby's kicks (July 30), when my husband first felt baby move (September 1), when I felt baby's first hiccups (October 4), and other milestones.  I can already feel that I'm going to miss being pregnant so I need to soak in all I can!

I usually don't because every year it's the same goal- to lose weight.  This year was supposed to be different and boy is it different! I think I might just recycle this goal for 2012.  With a new baby, it will definitely be a new challenge.

I won't be achieving my goal this year but I'm OK with it.  It's one more 5K than last year!

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  1. I'm a big goal setter and I do New Year's Resolutions every year but this year in May I sat down and came up with Health & Fitness goals too. I have goals for each race I run. Goals keep me focused!


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