And we're back....

Yes it's true.

I've been MIA without a trace for over a month.

And I feel horrible about it.  Really, I do.

I missed the comraderie of my fellow bloggers, missed stalking catching up with all of your lives, and really missed blogging.

And yes, I know I completely FAILED at that 30 day challenge.  I now remember why I never did one of those things.  It's challenging (duh)!

But I have a good reason!

Really I do.

We're having a baby!!!

When I found out we were expecting, I didn't want to blog because, as silly as it sounds, I didn't want to spill the surprise too early!

We knew we didn't want to share the news with family and friends until further along in my pregnancy.  We told our families just after 8 weeks (after we saw the heartbeat) and made it Facebook official right after 12 weeks. And really? I didn't feel comfortable spilling my guts about exercise and running on my blog, without being completely honest with my readers.

So I decided to just disappear for a bit.

And I'm sorry.  Really I am.

A friend of mine recently shared that she, too, is expecting! She hasn't made it "FB Official" yet, so I'm not inclined to share any details.  But she mentioned that she was inspired by my running blog to start her own blog, and encouraged me to get going again. 

Once she makes the big announcement, I'll feature her blog in a post so please be on the lookout for that!

I know we have a lot to catch up on from the past 2 months and I hope you all are still around!

My question for all of you is.... Should I weave my pregnancy story within my running blog or start a separate new blog?

I ask because I'm not sure if by blogging about my pregnancy I will alienate other readers.  I really don't want to do that, but I'm motivated to start blogging again.  And let's be honest, my exercise regiment has changed since being pregnant and I'm not sure how that will change things.

Thank you everyone for your continued support!!



  2. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! That is awesome news!!!!!!!!

  3. YAY!!!!!! I nearly choked on my coffee out of excitement when I saw your name in my blogger feed!! It was definitely hard for even ME not to blog about your AMAZING news, so I'm STOKED you finally let the cat outta the bag.. congratulations sistren:)

    I would keep this blog--you've established yourself, and in my opinion a blog doesn't have to be about ONE thing... Your blog is about your life as a whole, and your readers love YOU, and want to know EVERYTHING, so don't stress about themes or topics or genre's..

  4. Yay! I say keep it on the same blog.


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