Weekend Highlights...(pic intensive!)

My posts were pretty lacking this weekend.  The reason?  I spend all day on a computer M-F, so when the weekend comes, the hubbs and I like to spend it out of the house, going places (or as far as we can on an island), trying new things, and just spending quality time together.  And because of that quality time, I try my darndest to stay off my smart phone (ie, not blogging, not Facebooking, not Twittering, not emailing, etc...) because I believe that as newlyweds, it's extremely important for us to build a solid foundation of "together time".

That being said.... here is my whirlwind recap of our weekend here in Hawaii.  Be forewarned, it is very picture intensive.  But let's be honest, more pictures means less thinking on my part, and for this Monday-phobic gal? It's all right.


I posted a preview pic on Saturday of my treasure hunting.... a dress by Mossimo from Target and Guess heels from Ross.

Here are the other goodies, all from Ross, except the last tank top which is from Target

On Saturday night, we decided to hit up this bar called AmuseIt is located at the Honolulu Design Center, which also features a restaurant called Stage, a furniture store called Inspiration, and a coffee shop which name escapes me at the moment.

To be honest, Stage is a bit out of my price range. I've only eaten there for business meals and I wasn't picking up the tab.

Amuse on the other hand, has the potential to be as pricey or budget friendly as you wish! It features a self serve wine bar, where you pay by the ounce.  It's a great way to taste wines that you may not want to pay for by the bottle.

Their food is pretty tasty too! We ordered a grilled cheese sandwich (as advised on Yelp) and it was DELISH! Dutch Harvarti cheese with prosciutto...

On Sunday we went for a cruise around the east side of O'ahu, stopping off at Kona Brewing Company in Hawaii Kai.  This was my 2nd time to Kona Brewing Co., the first being the original location in Kona, Hawaii Island.  My review of this restaurant is a little lengthy so I'll just post this pic as a preview, a full review to come!


As mentioned above, we spend most of the day on Sunday cruising around the east side... We started with lunch in Hawaii Kai, then drove past Hanauma Bay (famous snorkeling spot!) and the world famous Sandy's beach- known for it's killer (literally) shore break.

We stopped briefly by a scenic lookout (you can find them all over Hawaii!) and took in the scenery, as well as some pics (duh.)

Our cruise ended at Kailua Beach Park... sorry not too many pics here, because I hate bringing my phone to the beach (not just because of the sand, but there are some folks with "sticky fingers" around these parts).  However, I did photograph how to keep your blowout from getting wet: a half ponytail!

It takes me 30+ minutes to straighten my hair... it's such a long and tedious process that I only do it about twice a year.  But when it's complete? LOVE IT! But even though I saved my straightened locks from getting splashed by the salty water, it was pretty moot since I had to shower anyway when we got home... so the curly hair is back in action today!

It was a great weekend.... and we love playing "tourist" and sightseeing... Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I love the pictures!! The food looks amazing. And you scored some super cut clothing!

  2. So fun!! I want to come to Hawaii even more now!!

    I agree that quality time with the hubs (in my case, boyfriend) is really important. I don't think I've ever blogged when he's been here and will do my best not to tweet either!


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