Today in My Life...

I saw this post at Runner's Rambles and thought I'd try it out... And also because I have a pretty great blog draft waiting to be published but I'm waiting for my pics to be sent from my phone to my email so I can include them and it's taking FOREVER!

Anyways, check out Today in My Life:

Outside my window … are houses and apartment buildings, partly cloudy skies, sun

I am hearing … crazy girl who just asked me if I know of any MATERNITY STORES on O'ahu (hello?! do I LOOK like I know of any MATERNITY STORES?) talking to IT about her pregnancy.  IT is all guys, btw.

I am thinking … about why she would ask me that question? And how it's taking super long for my pics to be sent to my email! Stupid smart phone...

I am thankful … for my family... and my job, even though I work with crazies.

I am reading ...  No books at the moment, but a bunch of magazines (Glamour, People, Runner's World, etc..)

I am hoping and praying … that this week goes by fast.  I loathe Mondays.

I am wearing … a tank top with sparkly sequins, dark jeans, and heels... it's pretty casual in my office.

I am creating …  blog posts, and ideas for our family reunion next summer

From the kitchen … Greek yogurt for breakfast, no clue what's for lunch, and probably chicken with salad for dinner.

Around the house … tons of clothes that need to be folded and put away!

Plans for the rest of the week … Catch up on my TV shows, workout, and get ready for the weekend!

A Picture to share … Me on our honeymoon in Mykonos, Greece-


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