Incoherent thoughts... semi coherent list.

My brain has been all sorts of frazzled lately....

I'm covering for the accountant who processes our accounts payable and deposits... it's a 40 hour/week job, plus my other "tasks" which currently include budgeting and monthly financial reports and whatever else the controller or CFO need help with.  It's pretty hectic because I have to keep track of the other accountants tasks plus my tasks all at the same time and it's super frustrating and blah blah blah blah... You still here? OK. good. Sorry for the cheese and whine, but I had to get that out!

Because my train of thought is currently derailed, I'll share my innermost thoughts the easiest way I know how- a list!

1. On Thursday I went running.... the first time in over a week! I completed a little over 2 miles in 32 minutes, which for me was really really really good because 1) the hubby joined me and we chatted a lot and 2) the hubby joined me and we walked a lot (he's not a runner, and because I appreciate his company, I did not want to make him eat my dust run by myself).  So if I was concentrating and took it all serious, I could probably increase my pace by a little bit.  I've been so stressed at work so it felt good to get moving.  It was a great day!  After our run, we were headed to see the premiere of My Run, so of course paused for some pics:

Waterless shampoo is my best friend after a run.  I don't substitute it for an actual wash, I just like it because it makes my hair smell good and keeps it soft.  When I get home, I still wash my hair.  I promise.

2.  The My Run premiere was very inspiring! I wish it focused more on his running/training, but still a very good story.  If you haven't had the chance to see it, I recommend it.  I probably wouldn't want to watch it again, but it's still recommended if you're looking to fill your que on Netflix.

And in case you're wondering, why YES, I did show up to the premiere in my running gear.  It was very teeney-bopper-esque to dress up... and I felt like a total goon.  Thank goodness it was dark.

3.  And because we watched My Run on Thursday night, we missed American Idol!! This is the first season I've watched since..... I don't know... but a long long long time.  If you don't watch, now is a good time to tune in because they have the final 9! And you know the final 9 have got to be pretty good...My faves are Lauren and Scotty, and Pia... best season ever.

4.  Totally random: Saw this yesterday and I loved it.  Then I got annoyed that she wasn't wearing a helmet or closed toe shoes, but then realized how ridiculous I was being.  But hey, safety first right? Still, I loved how she hung her purse on the handles.

5. Do your Facebook friends ever "announce" that they are/will be/just finished deleting random friends/folks they don't talk to?  I never understood the purpose of the announcement.  If you are going to "clean" up your friends list, then just do it. We don't need a memo.  It's so annoying to see those status updates.... when they post it after they delete, it's like- What's the point? Anyone you deleted won't see it anyway so who cares? or when they post before they delete, do they want people to be all scared that they won't "make the cut"? Seriously? No one cares. So stop it.

6. Best April Fool's joke I've seen- At work, this sign was taped next to our copier. It is instructions for the new "Voice Over" commands for our machine.  1) Stand close to the printer. 2) Simply speak one of the following commands: "PRINT" "COPY" "SCAN". 3) You may also speak alternative commands "PRINT FIVE COPIES" "COPY THIS TWO TIMES ON A4 PAPER". 

And yes, a few ladies fell for it and were talking/shouting to the machine.  AH-mazing.

7.  CELEBRATIONS!- Today is the hubby's bday (no, not an April Fool's joke!).... AND I lost 7 pounds! So tomorrow? We're going to shopping. I am in dire need of new clothes.  Can't wait!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Congrats on the run and the weight loss!

  2. Motorcycle lady is too funny!! I love the purse!!


    The April Fool's joke is pretty funny, too!

  3. For some reason I'm under the impression lists aren't for me. Oh contra..

    1) I stalk your blog. I love it when you post and literally look forward to your next post:)

    2) You deserve a raise.
    3) I have NEVER heard of or seen "waterless shampoo" and I am now on a mission to get my own bottle of awesomeness! Like whoa!
    4) Lauren & Scotty are MY favorite, too! (I'm 99.9% sure those are their names..)

    5) I think I'm guilty of at LEAST once doing your #5 BUT completely agree with your rant and have neeever done it since that ridiculous day!!

    6) I keep forgetting to tell you, my friend who lives in Seattle had the same April Fool's joke as your office, and apparently a woman he works with ended up yelling at the machine IN RUSSIAN!! God Himself must have been in hysterics! This is why video cameras were invented!!

    7) Happy belated birthday to your hubby & CONGRATS on losing 7 pounds!!!

    I hope you enjoy your Saturday shopping! Go to the outlets for me:)


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