Weekend Special: FEATURED ARTIST

And it's back!

New post featuring a local artist... check it out:

Artist Name: Brandy Hampton/Henna by brandy

Check her out on Facebook at henna by brandy or email her at dakinebrandy@yahoo.com

She has been working with henna for 10+ years now

So what is Henna?

Henna is a plant actually. The leaves are dried and crushed up into powder. Oil and lemon juice is used to turn the powder into a paste which is applied to the skin like puff paint. Once applied the paste will dry up and flake off. The stain from the henna will be bright orange in color and will darken into a rich brown within 24 hrs. Henna, or mehndi, is 100% safe and natural! Fun for parties of all types!

What is your favorite henna designs? Feet? Arms?

My FAVORITE is applying henna to a beautiful pregnant belly! I had henna done during both of my pregnancies and it's just so special♥

How did you get started with henna?

I got into the henna business when i was a senior in high school. A good friend of mine asked me one day in art class if I would like to apply for a job @ the henna shop she worked @. I LOVED it and have been creating beautiful henna designs ever since!

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everything is an ispiration! lines, colors, people, nature...art is everywhere!

And your favorite ice cream?

okay, my ALL time favorite flavor of ice cream is...MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP...mmmmmmmmm. cravings!

Where would you go on a dream vacation?

My dream vacation spot is New Zealand...so beautiful ^_^

Anything else you'd like readers to know?

Also, any mommies to be out there? I am looking for 5 bellies to decorate free of charge! Perfect for those maternity photos ^_^ I want to add more photos to my FB page and books...contact me @ dakinebrandy@yahoo.com or on my FB page @ henna by brandy

Thanks Brandy!


  1. Anonymous3/19/2011

    Awesome featured artist post!! SOOOO many of our friends are hapai and I think theyʻd be STOKED on the belly decor incentive--too bad weʻre all on MAUI!!

  2. Yeah her work is pretty great!

    She used to live on Maui but moved to Honolulu recently. That's one of the junk things (probably the only junk thing) about living in Hawaii- our state is separated by water!

  3. Stunning! So very beautiful!

  4. wow that is amazing :) i love her work! xo have a fabulous sunday!


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