Manic Monday (OK, not so much)

This weekend was great!

We went for a run, ate, churched, ate some more, watched a movie (Just Go With It), ate again...

After the movie we went to Big City Diner, which my friend from JENNS ADVENTURES mentioned a few weeks back.  I had the salmon salad, which was HUGE by the way and came with 3 pieces of salmon! Needless to say, I ate till I was stuffed er, comfortably satisfied and it looked like I didn't even make a dent (probably because of all the popcorn I ate before)

After dinner we walked across the street to pick up frozen yogurt.  The hubby took a pass because he did not plan very well and had a HUGE burger AND a chocolate milkshake... he was stuffed! I on the other hand was comfortably satisfied, not full, so I got cake batter yogurt with red velvet cake pieces and white chocolate chips.  HEAVEN.

AND the hubby is back on the day shift this week which means I get to see him every single freakin day this week!!

AND on Friday we're leaving to Maui for the weekend.  My nephew is turning one and we are going to PAR-TAY! We do it real big out here. Think 300+ people at the town's recreation center.  OH YEAH.

It's only Monday, but like every Monday, I'm pretty ready for Friday.  Get excited, people. GET. EXCITED.

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  1. Yay for seeing hubby more!! I hope you're enjoying it!!

    I'm also SERIOUSLY jealous of your access to fresh seafood :(


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