My take on the simple things...

I saw this really cute blog post by Lizzy at Food to Run For

She talked about the simple things in life that just make her all warm and fuzzy inside. Think of these things like the antonym of "pet peeves".

Here's my list of 10, in no particular order.

1) When I read blogs from my friends here in BlogWorld, I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people post funny pics of themselves.  I just LOVE it! So for your viewing pleasure:

2) When my hair gets all twisty and wavy and shiny, which is the complete opposite of when it decides to look like a frizzy rodent took residence on my head.  I swear it has a mind of its own.  This picture doesn't do it justice but I'm seriously considering not washing my hair so I can rock the shiny waves tomorrow. But that is kinda gross.  I'll wash it, I promise:

3) The feeling after a hard workout.  I love feeling strong! But during the hard workout? Eh, not so much.

4) When I come home and the bed is made.  Doesn't matter who makes it, either me or the hubby, but something about coming home and seeing the bed made makes me feel special:

5) The right combination of salt to butter on the movie popcorn.  I watch movies in theaters just to eat the popcorn. It is my one vice.  I can usually turn down the not-so-good-for-you foods any other time with a minimal internal struggle but movie popcorn? NO WAY. And when the movie folks make it with the right amount of butter (not too much to make me sick, but enough to where I can really taste it) and I'm able to find that sweet spot with the salt, it's pure HEAVEN.

6) Shave Ice (or Snow Cones) is a staple here in Hawaii.  I love it when the ice is really really fine.  So fine, that when the syrup is poured on it, the ice stays soft and instantly melts in your mouth.  The BEST feeling though is having Shave Ice after a hot day at the beach, before we head back home.

7) My chats with my dad and gifts from my mom.  I know that those are 2 things, but really the theme here is love from my loved ones.  I can chat with my dad for hours.  My mom still buys me Easter baskets and Halloween treats.  I'm 25.

8) Cute kids. And cupcakes. Nuff Said.

9) My hubby's jokes.  Most of the time they're lame.  But that's what makes them soooo funny! The best is when he jokes with a straight face.  Gets me every time.

10) Comments on my blog from friends and strangers alike =)


  1. those pictures are adorable. i kept wanting to comment on them as i scrolled down. TOO cute!

  2. Love it!! I could easily list 1-10 and make a comment on each of those things. I love the bed being made when I come home, too. Keep reading and you'll find out that I LOOOOVE cupcakes!!

  3. LOL thanks girl!!

    I haven't had a cupcake in sooooo long!

    I should do a post just about cupcakes!


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