Dragons, Rabbits, and 10ks

Even though Chinese New Year was almost a month ago, we still spot some dragons around, bringing luck and prosperity to the community.

Hopefully the Year of the Rabbit will bring all that good stuff around quickly!

if you ever visit hawaii in early February, try to make some time to see a Chinese dragon performance. the drums and the dancing are so captivating! and honestly, sometimes those dragons look soooo realistic that I forget it's just a costume and get all nervous/scared and hide behind my husband or any other taller male nearby...

Anyway, it's always a great show!! One of the best things about living in Hawaii is the celebration of many cultures throughout the year. so don't just lay on the beach sipping Mai tais... thats great for about 90% of your vacation.... but for the other 10%? Get out and experience what being in Hawaii is all about!

Oh, and I may or may not run a 10k tomorrow. I have no will power against positive peer pressure! Hopefully the Year of the Rabbit will bring quickness to my legs... I'll keep you updated!
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